Celebrating 10 years of my blog

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This year in March I celebrated 10 years of my blog and I could not be happier.

This blog has been given me the huge opportunity to discover and sometimes to meet talented people from all over the world and this is great!

I would like to thank all the brands, designers, PRs, CEO who were featured on my blog throughout this decade and especially those from this year and they are: Stefany Style, Bettina Vermillon, Francesca Marchisio, Greta Costantine, Alessandro Enriquez, KseniaSchnaider, ZIA Budapest, Retropose, Sofia Bata-Jabak, Ethereal London, Alma Vetlenyi, Filanda 18, Lutz Morris, Danielle Monnet, Lindy Staadecker, YSSO, Ask Scandinavia, Mercer Keeble PR, CDC_Studio, Casa Preti, Style & the Gang.

Go check out all the posts in case you missed them: there is always something to learn, to discover, to know, to share and to start from.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon on Italianist.com – join the community now.

Happy holidays y’all


  1. Linger Magazine says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! It’s a journey worth celebrating!

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