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ANOIR is very unique line, it has an inspiration of noir, surrealism, myth and deep artistic conceptualization. Avant-garde with modern and Scandinavian taste mixed with deep emotion of journey, reality and future; it is meant for a very intellectual class of people.

The design of the collection is mostly unisex bag and artisanal clothing and made of industry surplus leather, natural cotton, hemp, silk and various natural fibre. Thus supporting re-use,sustainable,slow-fashion and anti mass production/consumerism. 

The whole collection is handmade and developed in the artist’s studio. It focuses to hold the time for a while and make the consumer lure into the darkness of the art pieces.

Our Q&A with Amal Kiran Jana the founder of the brand.

Q.: How and when did you start your project? A.: It all came together when I was inspired by an imaginative state of mind where there is an atmosphere of serenity as well as emptiness followed by a spiritual awakening. I came up with an idea to start this project on the year 2012. 

Q.: Where do you take the inspiration from? A.: I was inspired by my state of mind and being, also belonging from a family of painters I was always surrounded by creative minds which lead to excelling creative ideas. Last but not the least I was inspired to a broader idea to my master’s thesis.

Q.: Why did you call your brand “A noir Collection”? A.: The term ‘Noir’ derived from french denotes the marked darkness of a theme or a subject matter, it is a fusion of time and experiences like an underlying existential philosophy. ‘A Noir Collection’ defines my artistic views and portrays my state of nature in a very  beautifully illustrated way.

Q.: What does “slow fashion”mean for you ? A.: In general Slow fashion means to be a responsible producer and educate the consumer, so consuming less can be better for the future. But it also comes with a lot of measures that lead to sustainability and it is one of the major ways in which we can conserve the environment, reduce waste that leads to kinds of pollution. It can be called as an ethical process of manufacturing products in which high quality and also up-cycled materials and fabrics are used,  discarding harmful materials and methods. Slow fashion comes with a cause for the betterment of the place we live in and to contribute to the cause has been my biggest asset. 

Q.: Can fashion be really sustainable? If yes, how? A.: Yes, to an extent for sure but throughout the process there are a lot of difficulties one can face, there can be restrictions in the traceability of the materials and even if sometimes the fabrics are entirely certified organic. it can also get challenging to follow the zero waste and carbon neutral policy  as the products have different supply chain and has to be delivered to different parts of the world unsure of the fact if it is 100% sustainable. 

Q.: Could India become one of the fashion capitals in the future? A.: While India has a huge production capacity but luring international audiences to the country, what reflects through its business in fashion is the GDP of our country which is only up to 2% in the industry, maybe over the time if India can produce some big renowned designer names then things can work in the favour of it. 

Q.: What is your mantra? A.: I would say it is an interpretation of my mind and soul which is absolutely unique in its ways. A deep merge between art and fashion, a conceptual and philosophical refection is seen in my pathway. I have a strong imaginative strength and always like to build an atmosphere around my work, this is my identical way to invite the clientele into my world.

Q.: 3 adjectives to describe your brand. A.: Avant-garde, introducing and experimenting with new ideas. Sustainability, a step towards conserving the environment through fashion. Contemporary, practical and present. 

Q.: Future plans. A.: We recently participated in the Tokyo Fashion Week 2023 during October. Next spring, we are planning a trip looking forward to participate in the Europe Fashion Week in hopes of sharing our purpose with the world.

The founder of the brand: Amal Kiran Jana

For more info visit www.anoircollection.com


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