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Marija Kulusic is a fashion brand based in Zagreb, Croatia. 

Her eponymous brand of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories was founded in 2017 and has since gained recognition for creating refined and timeless pieces, created with a conscious approach.

The brand’s core values promote sustainability, achieved through high-quality, responsibly sourced materials with hand-crafted details and slow-fashion techniques.

Customized in collaboration with local craftsman, her fabrics are often finished with delicate details that demonstrate her interest in storytelling and tradition, two pillars on which all of her collections are founded.

The end result is an intelligent, contemporary silhouette that is both surprising in its details as well as timeless in its character.

Marija Kulusic is the winner of the Tajima Fashion Tech prize awarded by The Maison Mode Mediteranee Foundation in 2022 and the winner of the Best Designer Award at Elle Style Awards in 2020.

Marija Kulusic presents the fall-winder collection: “There are no rules…that’s how art is born, that’s how progress happens.”, are the famous words of Helen Frankenthaler, an American painter. Growing up in New York’s Upper East Side neighborhood, as a child Helen often filled the sink with water and dripped her mother’s red nail polish into it.

Fascinated by the drops that spread in unusual shapes, in contrast to the whiteness of the porcelain, years later she transferred that inspiration to canvas and became one of the leaders of abstract expressionism, alongside Jackson Pollock.

Studying her painting technique, the direct pouring of paint onto raw canvas, which creates specific abstract shapes, Marija Kulusic found inspiration for the new winter collection. Often referring to nature and landscapes in her work, Marija, just like Helen, turned her favorite motif into garments created by pouring natural colors onto fabrics.

However, the selection of unfinished materials such as wool yarn served as a symbolic sign of an undefined form, turning into unique details that give each piece the designer’s personal touch.

From statement tops and elegant evening dresses in wool and viscose to warm wool coats and velvet silk details.

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