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Pomandére dresses a determined and cultured woman, a traveler, a lover of small pleasures and brief moments lived with intensity, curious and far from clichés, firm in her convictions and aware of her own value and femininity.

“Real life lies in blurry photos, in the skin that trembles for a secret shiver, in the undefined reflections of the water, in that moment that doesn’t want to be caught”.

Pomandère’s new SS24 collectiotells, through photograms, a distant summer fed by imagination. Spontaneous shots that record the succession of hours in a day at the beach. The images impressed on film, initially inanimate, are then vivified by the elusive and casual intercession of a woman who immerses herself in the sea.

These frames create a narrative in which place and person dialogue harmoniously. The resulting images seem filtered by the water and its vibrant motion, by the sun and the reflection of its rays, in a continuous evolution of color and shape.

The colors that become the characterizing imprints of the collection that Carlo Zanuso conceived with a strong research of fabrics and silhouettes, are green and its nuances of mint, pistachio and khaki, contaminated by blue and anthracite. The shades of orange and magenta, combined with more neutral tones such as butter, hazelnut and black represent the warmest part of the collection. The touch of light is given by the presence of amber and gold, dedicated to a more precious part of the proposal for the new Spring-Summer 2024.

Research and selection of fabrics have always been an essential part of the Pomandère collections. In this next season plain and striped poplin is the protagonist for the new shapes, such as the sleeveless caftan, the carry-over shirts and those with feminine details, combined with an asymmetrical skirt with strap, for a fresh and contemporary total-look.

The Sangallo reinforces the space given to lace for shirts, starting with the iconic shirt with ruches, with feminine details but with an oversized fit.

The garment-dyed cotton and silk voile is enriched with a new tone-on-tone micro-stripe weave with an embossed effect.
The stripe plays an important role and is offered in various shapes and qualities. In the shirt it’s found in a cotton weave, colored and light; in lurex we can find it either on a thread on a slub base of cotton and linen; or even on a cotton, silk and viscose base to propose a more special and multicolored version. Last but not least, on a linen and cotton pinstripe for jackets and trousers.

Viscose and linen shantung is dedicated to the most elegant and refined part of the collection, such as the unstructured jacket with acid green belt and overcoat with kimono details, as well as for the classic single-breasted trousers and jacket.
The most special highlight of the season is the yarn-dyed jacquard on a cotton and linen base in the two-tone micro-check, which finds its greatest expression in the trench coat and in a new cut of draped jacket with drawstring, combined with elastic and straight legs trousers. Denim is further consolidated as a presence within the collection and is offered in three qualities: comfort in the charcoal base, the stretch version in two washes on an indigo base and finally an even richer and fresher proposal in a linen blend.

Brightness is the element that acts as a common thread, finding its ultimate expression in a special shiny viscose fabric proposed both in the black and in the golden tone variant, recalling the shiny rays of a summer sunset, for a femininity that is aimed at evening and on occasions special. Glossy satin creates an elegant and sophisticated package in butter tones The “underwater” print is inspired by the seabed, by the blurred vision coming from the colors of the vegetation. Algae, shells and corals merge and create a lively and psychedelic texture that colors the shuttle garments on a viscose base and the beachwear, declined in one-piece and two-piece swimsuits.

The collection reconfirms the attention and sensitivity towards the sustainability by choosing three mineral pigments, extracted completely from the earth. The dyeing phase preserves unique characteristics, as it uses low temperatures for a lower energy impact and reduced water consumption. The tones chosen for this season are: soy, iron and charcoal. New materials and shapes are included in the green capsule, enriching its content and the possibility of looks, such as the double-breasted coat in cotton and linen, the iconic oversized shirt in cotton poplin and complete top and trousers in habutai silk.

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