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CDC_STUDIO is a brand born in Tuscany in the early 2020 and our team is mainly composed by women. 
Cristina Di Carlo, the founder of the company, has patented in the 2019 a “fabric” that is obtained by recycling exhausted plastic: cöëo. 

Thanks to the cooperation with Aliplast from the Hera Group, we had the opportunity to create a raw material that is really recycled and controlled in its production.

Furthermore our garments are completely produced in Tuscany in order to have more control on the production chain. The raw materials we use for the collection of our raincoats come from waste such as post-consumer recycled plastic and fabrics from unsold stock of other brands. 

In July 2021 we took part to the Altaroma Showcase and then we have been selected to exhibit at the White Show in Milan as new emerging brand. 

CDC_STUDIO presents the joyful collection spring/summer 2022 which is designed by taking inspiration from the concept of Joy, color and rebirth to give waste materials a new life in a process of sustainability and tailoring completely Made in Italy. 

Thanks to her innovative point of view, Cristina Di Carlo, the designer and product manager, created and patented her own fabric which allows to have more control to the production chain, it’s highly innovative and totally sustainable and it also gives the garments a strong personality. 

The 2022 Spring Summer collection Joyful is produced entirely by using the COEO fabric and other sustainable materials becoming therefore the symbol of the rebirth and the joy of living. 

Fuchsia, yellow, light blue and orange are some of the leading colors for the next season to color out the grey rainy days!

Every raincoat is ultralight, water-repellent, windproof and highly resistant.

The passepartout to always keep with you, for every occasion without forgetting the style!


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