Casa Preti – visionary craftsmanship drawing inspiration from the needs of contemporaries

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Casa Preti was born in 2017 from the meeting between the Palermitan tailor Mattia Piazza and the Swiss architect Steve Gallay, they give life to the fashion house whose name originates from the Neapolitan school painter Mattia Preti.

A place to feel at home, with clothes characterized by clerical lines that, unchanging over time, have reached a level of truth becoming iconic.

Casa Preti was born from an idea of visionary craftsmanship drawing inspiration from the needs of contemporaries. The concept is “buono uguale bello” “good as beautiful”, meaning the production chain is managed in a virtuous way by purchasing a local production and Italian fabrics. 

Today Casa Preti wish to keep one of its basic values more and more: the grace, which takes life through the choice of cuts and the relationship with the customer. Comfort and a sense of cleanliness and embrace come together to give life to the stylistic lines of the collection. 

For Casa Preti it is not about clothes but about places to live, and this is why our choices are to give soft lines that allow to the customers to wear and live in the garment. 

Luxury is the possibility of taking time time both in the production and in the choice, always allowing spaces of freedom with garments that have told the playfulness and spontaneity of our DNA through vinyl and colored materials that interact with a soul nominal to the Italian sartorial tradition and the rigor of forms.

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