About me

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m Federica born and raised in the province of Treviso, Italy even if I have always been attracted by all the other cultures and countries.

Since I was a child, my favorite toys to play with were mother-of-pearl buttons, wool and cashmere coils and fashion magazines simply because my mother has always been working in the knitwear field.

As I was growing up, the interest for fashion has always been part of my life without being a fashion victim at all but I use fashion to create my own style. I consider fashion an art just like painting or sculpture and what I like most about it is its creative part above all.

Then in 2011 I decided to share my fashion opinion and point-of-view creating Italianist.com. The name Italianist came up almost naturally as I wanted to underline my origin and the importance of Italian fashion in the world: no other country is as creative, talented, and artistic as Italy is.

The blog is mainly dedicated to new-up-and-coming designers from all over the world but it also proposes the latest trends, the most important fashion venues, interesting art exhibitions, and my travels. All these topics have a common fil rouge which is fashion in all its shades.

Please feel free to contact me for collaboration, sharing ideas, fashion proposals at fede@italianist.com

Thanks again for reading my blog, and I hope we will maintain our relationship in the future!

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Now enjoy Italianist.com