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Retropose is a brand whose main value is the uniqueness of its products, its manufacturing and its refined craftsmanship.

Founded in 2012 by Federica Cremisini and Giulia Mitarotonda, Retropose has grown over the years and has consolidated internationally. 

Since 2020, the soul of the brand is Federica Cremisini — both a creative designer and an artisan — who carries on her project and gives shape and color to her bags, all characterized by contemporary lines and a precise identity. 

What distinguishes her creative production is the “Vertebrate” knot work: a manual interweaving of each single strip of leather that gives the collections both the gritty character of the product, entirely handmade, and the romantic and contemporary allure of an unconventional look. 

Retropose makes every single detail unique and customizable, leaving the opportunity for the customer to become an integral part of the creative process, while respecting the design that distinguishes a Retropose bag.

Retropose creations are products that are born from a micro craft district, from the well-developed skills of Federica and her artisans, for an authentic Made in Italy, Made in Rome result.

The new Retropose RESET AW 21/22 collection was born from a moment of deep reflection, introspection and comparison. We interfaced with a new reality, with limits leading us to a new fluid, versatile identity. We looked inside ourselves and made a new beginning.

The development of the collection was born and comes to life precisely from the error and the void, emphasizing its existence and making it the strong point of a new concept. A new idea, however, that is shaped by the iconic and timeless forms of Retropose and enhances its identity and distinctiveness.

At WHITE MILANO, the designer Federica Cremisini proposes the classics of Retropose: 7 timeless models with a strong craft connotation, which is sublimated by the style and a contemporary aesthetic. These models have become a symbol of the house, being characterized by essential and balanced geometric shapes: LolaDèsireEldaGabrielleGilTessa and Colette.

Curved lines alternate with perfect symmetries, while cubic and cylindrical shapes coexist with parallelepipeds with harmonious lines. Pastel nuances alternate with strong and decisive colors, so that sugar paper, light grey and white are all accompanied by both intense red and the more classic black.
What characterizes them is the “Vertebrate” knot work: an entirely hand-made interweaving of a single strip of leather that gives them a gritty and unconventional character.

This is how the knot, the characteristic element of the brand, represents and tells of an increasingly strong bond, that of Federica Cremisini with her artisans: tight and solid, synonymous with trust but also resolution — This is such an example of how to turn the experience of error and uncertainty into a positive one.

The birth of a collection is made of attempts, experiments and experiences, as well as by the deep awareness of the importance of comparison.

That is right where the new entry of Retropose originates from: Elda 01, a shopper bag with new graphics which is rich in symbols and compositions. An evolution of the Elda — one of the best sellers of the Roman brand — the latest arrival was developed through a creative process focused on error and void, and is based on unusual graphic combinations — The latter are evocative of the past year but, at the same time, they want to mark a new beginning and reset the distances. Let’s start over.

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