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Bettina Vermillon is a luxury women shoe brand founded by designer Lorraine Archambeaud.

Lorraine Archambeaud was born in 1976 in Paris, she grew up with her three brothers and sisters, including a twin sister. The daughter of expatriates, Lorraine had a childhood on the move. Capitals of Europe, North Africa, and South America shaped her childhood and her adaptability to change. She feels at home everywhere.

Passionate about design, architecture, photography, art … she went to the School of Decorative Arts in Paris where she slowly became a designer and specialized in the creation of furniture.
The understanding of materials and the hand drawing that forged her daily life drove her to Courrèges where she was in charge of accessories collections such as jewelry, shoes, etc… including for Japan.

Fascinated by the design of the shoe and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Lorraine trained to learn the secrets involved in manufacturing this “real-life accessory” and created her brand, Bettina Vermillon.

Her first fall-winter 2015 collection set the tone for a free and feminine brand, daring and close to the reality of women’s needs.

Movement, the desire for everyday design, and the will to offer sustainable fashion drove her towards a signature heel made of aluminum, a patented creative innovation.

Her desire? That women love and wear their pairs of shoes on a daily basis.

Mother of three and entrepreneur, Lorraine is a woman on the go. In Europe, she frequently visits her suppliers, customers or manufacturers who have worked with her since the beginning, and always wears Bettina Vermillon to better understand her creations, putting them to test before producing them. It’s essential!

“Before I even designed my first shoe in 2015, I asked myself the question of the use of shoes as an accessory for sustainable living” Lorraine Archambeaud.

For Bettina Vermillon, shoes are daily life accessories, made to be worn every day, and live in their own time. Thus, we have chosen European manufacturing partners for whom the quality of the development and finishes are consistent with this value of durability in order to create shoes that we can wear for life. Creation, production, awareness, everything is linked!

This light balance that we are all looking for, to feel free in our heels and to be able to count on them at all times, we have all experienced it! How to bring comfort to this everyday accessory while remaining fashionable?

By choosing innovation! We manufacture our aluminum heels, a light and stable material, 100% recyclable, guaranteeing a unique lifespan for your shoes.

Thanks to this patented and ultra-fashionable technique, Bettina Vermillon is sustainable and responsible. Made according to the shape of your feet, your pairs can be pampered, restyled, for life, by changing their heels, or vice versa. A real second life for your shoes!

Essential for the control of our production, we have been able to establish a relationship of trust with each of our European manufacturers who have accompanied us from the start. They all felt concerned about this new way of making shoes.

Our heels are machined in France from German aluminum, our tanneries are Italian as well as our manufacturer. Our commitment? Control our production and be transparent about the choices of our suppliers.

Who says quality leather, says durability. Each season, our catalog is enriched with innovative leathers. But to go further, we are exploring the option of washable, and vegan leather. This is our wish for tomorrow. And while reconciling aesthetics, quality and environment, we want to integrate these leathers into future collections. It’s essential!

For the transport of our collections and the shipment of your pairs, we have chosen a partner committed to carbon neutrality for all its deliveries, regardless of the destination of your orders. In major French cities, we prefer delivery by bicycle courier.

We wanted to remove the superfluous and keep only what really matters. Our covers are made of natural cotton. Our recycled stationery is kept to a minimum: our deliberately non-branded tissue paper is reusable, a card signed by us is slipped into our boxes. Our greatest pleasure? Share with you our commitments by encouraging you to reuse each of the elements of our packaging.

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