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Helen Kirkum is a London-based artist and designer.

Kirkum’s artisanship has garnered international acclaim and it is her ability to tell stories through her designs that sets her work apart. Each pair of sneakers she makes is unique, weaving together the memories of the components that make it and allowing the owner to own something inherently personal and one-of-a-kind.

She is widely considered a pioneer of the hacked and deconstructed aesthetic within the sneaker industry, and in the vanguard of the sustainable footwear movement.

Kirkum graduated from London’s Royal College of Art in 2016. Through her practice, Kirkum challenges us to rethink the meaning of consumption and the way we interact with the products we own.

Helen Kirkum Studio Limited was founded by Helen Kirkum in 2019.

At Helen Kirkum Studio we celebrate the processes of wearing and making in our products.

Utilising recycled and dead stock materials, we create bespoke sneakers artistically crafted for an individual experience.

We collaborate with brands worldwide to bring our playful perspective and sustainable message to their products.

We also love to spread our signature design through making ethos in talks and workshops, promoting the value of spontaneous and tactile creativity.

Bespoke sneakers artistically crafted for an individual experience.Handmade for you in London.

For more info visit www.helenkirkum.com


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