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Danielle Monnet’s products are made with love, carefully handcrafted in Colombia by mostly female and male artisans. We believe in our products as pieces of power, of art, of design and with a story behind.

We honor art, femininity and design through our products, providing value to our clients, our collaborators and Colombia. Exclusivity and quality are our preferred attributes to delight the stage of all the women and men who use our products.

Our mission is to create products with value, design and quality. Empower women and men through them and through their use on different occasions of use. Promote and support the creative force of Colombia as an example of entrepreneurship, generating jobs and opportunities for all our employees and artisans.

We believe in the power of local handcrafted products as an statement of luxury and good way of trascending to a more fair trade and equal economy. We honor our origin.

Our vision is to be recognized for our history, honor art and quality. We provide value to our clients through the design, quality, manufacture and origin of all our products made with love in Colombia.

Daniela Ortega, the designer, is a woman who believes in the union of art, quality and handcrafted or handmade techniques as a powerful tools that empowered society and  has transformed into the real and new “luxury”, valuable and emotional objects.

She inherited her passion for design in her environment, her trips, favorite painters, public figures, her personal stories and the anecdotes. She is a very curious and creative women.

She grew up in Bogotá – Colombia and also due to the influence of her mother and her maternal grandmother, they integrated creativity and love for art, color and elegance into me. She feels a deep commitment to her country and to honoring Colombian beauty, color, creativity and talent.

Daniela gets excited with each product and for her all designs are a unique piece of art, an object that tells a story, it is art in your hands.

She wants to encourage, honor and inspire many women around the world, that they can love each other as they are and that all Danielle Monnet products accompany her in her thousand scenarios of life, which also allow us to create and remember the importance of empowering ourselves as women.

For more info visit us.daniellemonnet.com


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