YSSO – traditional artisanal Greek craftsmanship of jewellery making

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YSSO, was founded in 2020 by Alexia Karides in London. Made to last and designed to be pieces of art, YSSO carries values of authenticity through handmade sustainably Greek crafted jewellery.

The brand name YSSO is derived from the word gold in Greek, “chrysso”. YSSO utilises a rare process of hand carving and crafting, evolving the traditional artisanal Greek craftsmanship of jewellery making. YSSO celebrate natural formations of metal to create truly unique pieces.

YSSO is a mother-daughter story spanning London and Athens. The four thematic collections evoke the contrast between heritage and modernity. Living and working in London, Alexia brings a complementary approach to her mother’s background and life in Greece. Alexia’s mother was an archaeologist and historian, with a 30-year background in jewellery design and making, and who worked as an archaeologist in the 1980s throughout Greece.

All YSSO pieces are crafted one by one of the oldest goldsmith in Athens, and made up to 35% recycled and natural bronze, under a doubler plating of 18K and 24K gold.

Alexia founded the brand as she wanted to pay a tribute to the art that surrounds us, and reach out to powerful women from all walks of life. YSSO is a celebration of culture, with a deep-rooted dedication to the age-old values that hold us together, the real art of craftsmanship and appreciation of ethical production.

Alexia the founder of the brand

YSSO wants to invite you to immerse yourself in the different thematic collections it offers, and discover some of the iconic pieces like the Cordella ring and Droplet earrings.

The Temple Collection tells of golden treasures, while the Nautical Collection weaves tales in jewels of the endless cycle of water and oceanic influences on Greek culture and the islands. Jewels such as the Twist Earrings evoke the vintage styles worn by icons of 1960’s who shone a light on Mykonos as a jet set destination, as well inspiring the revival of the arts and cinema in Greece.

The Movement Collection allows you to dive into the world of abstraction and unique shapes, with the most graphic pieces of the brand.

The Nature Collection sits at the core of the brand, with designs that are feminine, delicate and textured. Ysso takes pleasure in revisiting classics of classic jewellery collections, such as the hoops which are available in all sizes and reinterpreted in each of the four existing collections.

Credits to: Alexia Karides as the photographer, Claire Holive as Art Director and Joanna Damazaki for make up.

For more info visit theysso.com


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