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Alma Vetlényi brand is about preservation of value in the contemporary modern world. As a sustainable fashion brand it is committed to a zero waste philosophy with timeless design, suitable for different age groups, made from ethically sourced materials with zero waste manufacturing.

The designer was brought up in an artist family in Budapest. She has won several industry awards, as an emerging young designer. By combining traditions and innovative technologies, harmony is created between the values ​​of the past and the future.

The virtual runway show of Vetlényi Alma’s new AW’ 2021-22 “Back to the roots” collection is the opening event of BCEFW – Budapest Central European Fashion Week was taken place on Thursday, March 25.

The ALMA ‘AW 2021-22 collection celebrates our heritage. The values we inherited from our family. Our attachment to our hometown. The accessories we inherited from our grandmother. A stroll in a sunny afternoon. All the moments that are deeply engraved in our soul. All the experiences that are creating the foundations who we are today! Our heritage gives us the strength and focus to be authentic in times of uncertainty. It empowers us to embrace who we are despite the challenge we have to face.

The collection was inspired by the personal heritage of the designer: Alma Vetlényi. Growing up in a family of artists, Alma’s earliest artistic influences manifested in hand-painted artworks. These early designs carried through into her patterns of artwork today. The design collection combined with the guiding principles in waste reduction. The original hand-painted watercolor patterns are used as prints throughout the collection.

The colors and design in the collection symbolize the nostalgic, forward-looking elements of a tradition with contemporary boldness, reminding ourselves that we should never forget our roots which provide the backbone of who we craft ourselves to be.

Handmade paintwork combined with implementing a waste reducing sewing process and the incorporation of Hungarian handcrafted ceramic arts in the form of hand painted porcelain buttons on key pieces in collaboration with Judit Lantos, a ceramics artist based in Szentendre – the home of generations of Hungarian ceramic craftsmanship. 

Some of the key pieces from the collection are: the beige heavy-duty loden Dana coat, made of felted multi-color wool fibers. Its wide lapel is ornamented with decorative hand stitches along the edges. It’s custom-printed lining is a playful surprise. The classic timelessness of the long-sleeved navy blue hemp denim Zoe dress is restrained by its high-closing standing collar. Its special feature is the zippered sleeve vent, which results in a ruched surface. These mysterious folds run through several pieces of the collection. 

The casual, boxy silhouette is a recurring motif, evoking the euphoric optimism of the ’60s. The playfully light, pop-over styles exude the intimate atmosphere of home wear, but become feminine with an accessory or finely crafted detail, such as the dainty patterned, airy Brooke maxi dress held together by a hemp denim belt.

The modestly elegant white Grace dress was created almost completely waste-free due to Alma’s tailoring feat. The diagonally joined rectangles are top-stitched with a contrast thread which lends a sculptural “crisp” quality to the gabardine’s smooth texture. This porcelain-like surface is also characteristic of the light blue Leslie dress, which puts the wearer in the spotlight with its spectacular V-cut and densely pleated loose sleeves.

The pieces in the collection are characterized by an amalgamation of raw and soft sustainable fabrics coming together, such as natural hemp denim, flowy tencel, organic cotton and pure felted wool and mostly GOTS certified.

“At ALMA we believe that our designs are as unique as the women who fall in love with our brand of clothing lines. Zero-waste manufacturing is at the core of our brand philosophy. Our passion is to create unique, sustainable womenswear that represents the ALMA woman: the self-aware, self-conscious, modern woman who lives a fulfilling life in touch with her emotions, embodying a playful, contemporary, yet timeless style. We strive to preserve the modern woman in our modern, urban world. “ – ALMA 

Credits: HFDA / The Sparkle Content / BCEFW

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