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KOORELOO is a distinguishable brand of unique handbags and more. Our philosophy has been built upon the principles of art, endless creativity, age- old tradition and uniqueness.

Kooreloo was born out of artist Leila Karr’s realization that chic European style and Mediterranean flair can be fused together to create unique accessories. Each creation is handmade with locally-sourced materials, one-of-a-kind fabrics. Handcrafted with exceptional care, Kooreloo designs are best described as art objects.

But there is more… All Kooreloo creations have a secret; when opened, an aura of dynamism emanates from each bag. A rich inner world emits a sparkling personality! The inspiration behind our lining derives from the energy of the imposing posture of the statue of Athena and the way it is manifested in the dynamism of women in today’s world.

Every little detail in our creations unveils a part of the story we want to tell, from the colourful embroideries to the ancient-inspired lining embodying Athena’s aura… Kooreloo handbags transform into something new, taking new art forms over time. They are never permanent. They evolve. They revitalize everything in their path. They constantly change, as art does… Follow our ever-evolving journey of creativity and artistic flair…

“Contrast, imagination, the beauty of the unexpected and the individuality of the unconventional are the words I use to describe my art. And of course, inexhaustible, unfathomable fresh inspiration. The kind of inspiration that bursts out of you…like a source of the very desire to express yourself, your inward self. The idea of creating an object which will give other women, even by the looks of it, an outpouring of positive emotions excites me! When I design my handbags I have butterflies in my stomach; remember that intense feeling when you fell in love for the first time? I want other women to feel the same with my pieces of art! Everything I design is destined for the dynamic women of today’s world, women capable of identifying and appreciating original artwork and conceiving its distinctiveness. Kooreloo is for women who dare to be different and are not afraid to express it! But…it is also for those who are sensitive and delicate, ethereal and eternal dreamers like me…Their combination is what Kooreloo is all about!”

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