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Atelier Laure Paschoud presents the “Travelling Light” AW 2015-16 collection which celebrates the 5 year anniversary of the brand.


The focus is on timeless pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. An invitation to travel light built on essential and durable garments. The collection is sprinkled with porcelain silver buttons made in collaboration with the Swiss ceramist Sylvie Godel. A unique print, designed by the textile designer Marie Jambers and screen printed by hand in Switzerland, adorns the collection with a festive and graphic touch.


Atelier Laure Paschoud is committed to creating innovative collections in a transparent way. Each piece is made to last, in time, in style as well as through the quality of its fabric and production.


Our goal is to produce socially and environmentally responsible clothing, through certified organic, recycled or Swiss made materials and a controlled production in Bosnia.


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