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A visual manifesto of confidence, Ellen Conde speaks the aesthetic language of prêt-à-porter and design.


Dreaming up iconic statements to accompany the modern lifestyle of strong, feminine souls, the brand lives punctuated with bold inventiveness fueling the essence of every piece, by sophisticated, contradictory accents.

Ellen Conde jewelry embodies a standout style and an emotional experience powerful enough to transform your heart, look and spirit.

Ellen Conde, Dedicated to every kind of Woman.*

  • • Why not men too? The more the merrier!



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Poetic visions meet contemporary discipline.

Ellen Conde seeks and finds creativity anywhere and everywhere.


Sartorial and street couture influences that catch her eye, blend with the unmistakable exactness of engineering, the artistic-rational approach of industrial design, and the inspirational world of Jewelry & Goldsmithing that form the Russian designer’s professional background. Imagination and coffee take care of the rest.

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A handmade journey with a stylish edge.

Every day inspired Italian goldsmiths get their hands dirty, crafting the heart of every jewel to bring Ellen’s visions to life.


Often embellished with Swarovski crystal applications and pearls that declare their independence from a classic allure, each piece is realized in hypoallergenic materials of the highest quality and undergoes galvanic plating to ensure its timeless beauty. Come together in contemporary, distinctive designs.

At the end of this journey, minimal lines and contrasting details

Welcome Ellen Conde: Siberian soul handcrafted in Italy.



For more info visit ellen-conde.com


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