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IXIAH { pronounced ex’ sy’ ah’ } is a Sydney-based fashion label whose best known for their textural collections and strong silhouettes with handmade eclectic design aspects.


1.      What does Ixiah mean?

IXIAH is a unique an innovative label and we needed a title to reflect just that! The name also took inspiration from a unique floral which shares distinctive traits of sword-like leaves, and star-shaped flowers. These contrasting characteristics matched our brand aesthetic as we often engage with masculine vs feminine design forms. The genus name also derives from the Greek word ixias which translates into ‘having  chameleon characteristics’.  This was another appropriate quality  for  the label  whose  industry  is rooted  in the  very idea of  ‘changing skins’. This direction inspired the team and thus the title  IXIAH was born!

2.      How important is the Australian market in fashion right now?

Projects which showcase Australian fashion like MBFF and LMFF are integral to our marketplace, and have helped gain international exposure for homegrown brands. Moving forward we really need to ensure such events are in sync with the global fashion market, and continue to provide platforms for the next generation of promising and prominent designers (including us!:)). More consumer-based fashion events will also help improve the domestic Australian market which will then continue to create impact on  a global scale.

3.      Where do you take inspiration from?

Inspiration is drawn from a variety of places. Cultural influences are key to this brand and are generally the core of each story told through our collections. Fabrics and overseas travel inspire our ranges and allows them to really take distinct shape & form. Unique colours, prints and intricate tapestries are integral to the design process and truly allow IXIAH to stand apart from the rest.

4.      Is couture still on high demand these days?

It is essential for couture to remain in demand as it pushes our industry to its highest level of creation and workmanship! Couture is undoubtedly the highest level of fashion and there are a lot more fashion houses on an international level partaking in this method of design and construction. There is simply not the same demand for it within the current Australian market, but its tradition is universally vital and inspirational.

5.      What do yo think about fast fashion like Zara, Mango, H&M..?

We respect the business models and magnitude of fast-fashion houses like Zara, but agree with Mr Piette that they’re “possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world”. It is unfortunate that during a time when we should be focusing on Australia’s local industry, growth and investment –that the primary profits increasing are that of competing, international clothing chains. The Australian fashion industry is adapting to tough times and it would of course be more beneficial to our local contemporaries to not have international fashion houses dominating our market. Nonetheless it is an even playing field worldwide and the Australian consumer needs to decide where it chooses to place their dollar.


6.      Among famous people, who would you like to dress?

Celebrities we would love to see in IXIAH include –All of them! J But in particular, this Summer we would love to see Nicole Richie in our white embroidered maxi skirt, Liu Wen in our high-necked cable knit tunic, Vanessa Paradis wearing one of our hand-crocheted fringe dresses, Kate Moss in our lux-brocade vest, and Rose Byrne decked in our tailored, technicoloured 100% silk suit!

7. Is Australian fashion taste similar or different from Italian or French ones?

We all aspire to the same international trends & design houses, so we believe there is a somewhat universal sense of style that’s created and exchanged between all countries.

8.   Who is your favourite designer (if you have one)?

The fusion of Stella McCartney, Gareth Pugh & Rick Owens would be our favourite!

9.   What would you like to create next?

Menswear is definitely something we will look toward implementing in the years to come.

10.  3 adjectives to describe your brand.

Textural  Unconventional  Memorable


Ixiah will launch its debut High Summer collection in a joint venture with The Grand Social on October 10th.

Please email world@ixiah.com for more detail.

For more info visit www.ixiah.com


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