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Yesterday I visited the Riviera Del Brenta which is an area located between the provinces of Padua and Venice (North Eastern Italy). It is famous for two main things: Venetian villas and the shoes factories/outlets. This article is dedicated to the latter.

The Riviera Del Brenta is a well-known area where most of the designers shoes are manufactured. For example, Jimmy Choo, Armani, Sergio Rossi, Chloe’, YSL and many many others. The outlets I visited were Ballin, Voltan, Henderson, Kalliste and Laudino Caccin.

The Ballin building contains both the factory and the outlet store (see photo). Inside there were hundreds of pair of shoes both for men and women and purses, and I felt overwhelmed. There was also a section dedicated to campionario (samples) but you must wear Europan size 37. Here I tried on several pairs of shoes but the one I like best was the bi-colour suede Mary Jane shown in the photo: these were Euro 259 outlet price. The least expensive pair of shoes here were Euro 99 up to Euro 300 and more. If you are looking for high heels and trendy/flashy shoes this is the right brand for you.

The second stop was to Voltan‘s factory outlet, which resembles a villa and was decorated as such and the factory is located behind it. The store has 3 floors: the main floor is where the new collection is exposed, the shoes upstairs are on sales and the prices started at Euro 90/100 and the below ground floor is dedicated to boots. This is the store if you are looking for classy shoes. I was told that almost every week there are new arrivals.

Henderson and Kalliste stores were not worth it. Henderson building is modern but there was nothing special about their shoes (more for men than women). Kalliste is located in its run-down factory building but they also sold Etro and Antonio Marras shoes.

The last stop was at Laudino Caccin‘s store: the building was nice as their shoes. Here there was a large variety of men shoes, handbags and some women shoes. The prices started from Euro 100 and up. I was told that almost every week there are new arrivals till Christmas.

In conclusion I purchased a pair of shoes at Voltan which were more comfortable than the shoes at Ballin and I also purchased a bag at Caccin which is similar to a bag by Fendi.




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