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Uno de 50 was founded 15 years ago by a group of creative artists who resolved to set up a fashion jewellery and accessories brand that would break all existing moulds. Their key concept was based on designing pieces in their own unique style and the brand quickly became known for being innovative and trendsetting.

The brand name “Uno de 50” is a tribute to limited editions, to small collections of unique items, in which design and craftsmanship play an essential role, accentuating the brand’s true essence and philosophy.

The designers get their inspiration from contemporary life, from the everyday details of the world around them, creating pieces with personality and producing amazing seasonal collections with the unmistakable Uno de 50 stamp of quality and style. Season after season, this Spanish brand remains true to the core values of creativity and originality, embodied by its beautifully handcrafted designs.

Our target audience is primarily middle and upper-middle class men and women aged from 25 to 40. The brand is aimed at a variety of customer profiles, ranging from dynamic people, with a fashion-loving, cosmopolitan outlook, through to people looking for something different, something original and exclusive.

The outstanding features of the brand are:

1. Creativity

2. A unique style

3. Made entirely by hand

4. A Spanish brand

We have something to suit everyone, with a full range of items available in our shops. Our jewellery and accessories can be grouped into the following product categories:

• Rings

• Bracelets

• Earrings

• Necklaces

• Belts

• Watches

• Others, such as key rings, bookmarks, writing desk accessories, decorative tems, etc.

Every member of the design team brings their own personal vision of what the brand stands for; each and every item is completely original, a combination of different views and approaches. The one thing that Uno de 50 designs have in common is their uniqueness, their unmistakeable style, their skilful blend of contrasting opposites, daring, attention to detail and craftsmanship. The handcrafted process is one of the basic pillars of our philosophy; in fact, we continue to use exactly the same artisan methods as in the early days.

The entire process from start to finish, including design, crafting, plating, assembly and handling takes place in Madrid, Spain, where we are based. The common denominator for all our items is our use of a metal alloy with the ability to bring the brand’s unique designs to life, giving each piece that very special handmade texture. Once they have been crafted, the pieces are silver plated and they undergo a number of quality controls, culminating in the assembly of items that combine metal with leather, resins, glass and so on.

We have 52 sales points in Spain (24 brand stores in the best-known shopping centres in every city and 28 corners in branches of El Corte Inglés department store). The vintage style decor conveys our avant- garde spirit and is both striking and attractive. The displays are based around a neutral colour palette featuring our signature mink tone, with splashes of the brand’s own shade of red injecting a shot of energy into the overall look.  Our furniture is made from top quality materials such as iron, glass, wood and linen, emphasising the brand’s high standards of craftsmanship. The displays are accessorised with original lamps, collages depicting our values and our designers’ preliminary sketches, giving our shops their own, very individual personality.

Widespread praise and positive results have encouraged the brand to expand into international markets. Since 2004 we have been showcasing our brand in the world’s best stores and our current aim is to continue increasing our brand sales abroad. To make this happen, we take part in a series of major European fashion, jewellery and fashion jewellery trade fairs, including Bread & Butter in Berlin, White in Milan and TFWA in Cannes.

We currently have brand stores in Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, Oporto and Lisbon, with new overseas branches opening soon in London, New York, Milan and Rome.


Uno de 50 store in Paris

At the same time, we continue to strengthen our expanding business by opening franchise stores, for which we follow a very carefully-studied selection process. To date, we have franchises in the Central American countries of: Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and negotiations are currently underway for new stores to be opened in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

Since November 2009, Uno de 50 markets its products in 100 countries through its on- line shop. Uno de 50 has created this space in order to strengthen its own values and brand philosophy through a more visual and interactive experience. The site is a multilingual and multicurrency platform with a view to come closer to other markets and to enhance the user experience in online sales.

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