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The Israeli fashion designer has created once more time a valuable and exclusive spring / summer collection. Inimitable pieces that underline the artistic talent of Ayala Bar.


The East, its ancient culture, its magical atmosphere: this is the source of her inspiration She is able to translate her emotions with her distinctive style into wonderful miniatures.

In this collection she mixes tradition and innovation with an incredible result for her jewellery.  Just thinking of the delicate process in using micro elements and the perfection of these miniatures.

Every single emotion for Ayala Bar becomes the source of imagination, inspiration,creation of unique jewelry. The power of color, fancy combinations from fabric, to beads, to crystals, offer unique and extraordinary effects.The spasmodic attention to detail, the genius of the combinations, the choice of colors make AyalaBar absolute interpreter of the art of jewelry.The mixture of glass beads, fabric, stones, and the harmony of colors are an exercise of taste and of incredible style.

The Radiance Collection: Radiance and splendor. If you know Ayala Bar and her unique style, you see immediately how the Radiance Collection, her latest one, is a new interpretation of the Classic Collection. Beautiful play of colors that express beauty and femininity.



The Hip Collection: this collection is the one that best represents Ayala’s talent. It all started with a trip to India in the late nineties. India becomes a source of immediate inspiration for the multitude of colors and the quality of the materials.  Exclusive materials are combined with luxurious fabrics to create small masterpieces of velvet, satin and gems in a unique fusion of forms and colors.


After the initial experience in the fashion world, Ayala Bar chooses in the nineties to focus her creativity and devote herself entirely to jewelery design. Her ability to observe and capture light, shapes, colors,details, together with the search of materials, now allow her to create very special items that accentuate the femininity of the woman clearly.
For each season she creates about 400 pieces including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings which are all handmade. The prototypes are designed and made personally by Ayala Bar in her own laboratory in Tel Aviv. Every piece is then reproduced by hand according to the criteria dictated by the designer with the absolute rigor of attention to detail.

The collections are composed of chokers, necklaces, sautoir, earrings, bracelets, rings and brooches.

For more info visit www.ayalabar.com


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