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From 20th February to 10th April, there is a selection of “Must Have” by Marcello Reboani at the Hotel Ambra in Cortina d’Ampezzo, previously exposed to the Cloud Gallery in Rome. These paintings interpret in a fashion, ironic and ecologist way some of today’s cult objects.

What if a bag that goes on vacation in Cortina? It would seem strange, but it can happen if the “sac” in question is not any type, but just the legendary “Kelly” by Hermès. The bag is ready to depart along with other famous travelers, Manolo Blanhik shoes, the sophisticated Carnex, and the “2.55” by Chanel.


The works are made entirely from recycled materials, from wood to aluminum to various kinds of objects, which are assembled and reinvented by Reboani. For the artist it is not important the “Safety of Objects”, but the new life given to the recycled material in the moment he uses them (fluidity of the materials).
A life without frills, away from consumerism, but closer to art. The artist loves the mountains and the nature, he has spent a lot of time in Cortina, a place that he has always enjoyed and from which he is fascinated.

The Ambra hotel, led by Elisabetta Dotto, continues its fashion path which started at the end of last year, with the event “The suite of the Vanities”.  There is also the proposal  “shopping teraphy ” packages for those who visit the mountain, and in particular Cortina, not just for skiing or sports, but also her glamorous look, it is no coincidence that Cortina is called the Queen of the Dolomites.


For more info visit www.hotelambracortina.it and www.marcelloreboani.it


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