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Call it beach glass, sea glass, found glass, reclaimed or recycled or discarded glass. Vella Mode calls it beautiful.

Trecy Bleich, owner and designer of Vella Mode, takes glass discarded in nature years ago and creates modern chic jewelry pieces. Bleich says the glass was cradled and formed by Mother Nature, then found near waterways or slightly buried in the Earth, carefully cleaned and recycled into beautiful chic jewelry pieces.  The designer named the collection Evella after the lady who left an impressionable style: her mother.

Rings made out of bottle necks, bracelets that are sturdy but light weight to jewel the wrist, earrings that have an edgy but chic look and necklaces designed with no limits.  Vella Mode jewelry satisfies any taste from traditional to ultra modern using hand beading from recycled seed beads, handmade recycled metals, recycled chains, semi precious stones and of course discarded glass that the designer calls diamonds from the rough.  Trecy says, “When I work with the glass, my heart literally pounds admiring the beauty Mother Nature nurtured.  I am always so excited about the potential each jewelry piece can become.”  “Also it makes me feel so good knowing that I am cleaning my environment and that the purchaser understands my creative vision.”

The Evella Collection is truly one of a kind because each glass is not shaped the same.  The collection is for the person who wants individualized style, who values the eco movement and at the same time is fashion conscious.

Vella Mode made its ethical debut at Nolcha Fashion Week on September 14, 2010.  It is also part of Bel Espirit, a showroom that features work from international designers who adhere to eco practices in production, fair trade practices and supports environmental organizations.  Last year Vella Mode was featured in various fashion publications such as Lucky Magazine and Viva Swag.

In 2011 Vella Mode joined African Rainforest Conservancy in raising money to conserve and restore the rainforest in Tanzania’s Eastern Arc.  The event was held during New York Fashion Week in February and is chaired by many celebrities who strive and support equality  in Tanzania. Also, pieces from the Evella Collection will be sold during the Sundance Film Festival at the Farasha Boutique January 20th – 30th   in Utah.

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