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I have always liked the silk foulards my mom keeps in her drawer but I have never been able to wear them, I mean never been able to decide how to wear them. Recently I have used them as belt or tied to my purse. The other possibility is to use them as a head scarf, like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, or simply to use them around the neck as a real scarf.

Starting from the foulard par excellence the one by Hermes, I am showing you some of the nicest foulard/scarf I have seen around recently. In my drawers I have more than 60 scarfs made with different material and patters (I keep buying them all the time): sometime a scarf can really turn a basic outfit into something particular.

some more silk foulards ….

This year the foulard can be worn around your ankles too…

and more ….

So how do you wear a nice silk foulard this year? Tell us


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