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After many years as a top celebrity stylist, Melissa Laskin has transformed herself into a contemporary artist and luxury fashion designer. Her experience,working with clients such as Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Annie Lennox and many more, has helped ful and inspire her new clothing line – ElvisLaskin, which is becoming all the rage.

ElvisLaskin – named after her kitty Elvis – was born to combine Laskin’s unique art with her keen sense of Hollywood style and fun. With a current focus on women’s clothing, ElvisLaskin maintains originality as the designers are unique abstract paintings printed directly on the apparel.

Her life and career completely changed in a matter of seconds in 2004 after being involved in a car accident. Over the next three years she was in and out of surgeries and was in constant pain. Melissa wondered how she would have the energy to make it through an eight hour day, much less up to a fourteen hour day, working as a stylist.

Fast forward to 2008, still in physical therapy, she needed to do something up-lifting to bring herself back. Melissa frequented art galleries and museums all of her life, and has been painting since the age of 2. She was in the L.A. county museum, turned a corner, and one of Mark Rothko’s paintings was staring at her. As an artist, you try to figure out how other artists achieve their colors, their texture, their inspiration, their art. Melissa then knew she had to start painting again. She had never played with acrylics, but was at the paint store the next day buying paint, brushes, canvas, and ready to pick up where she left off long ago.

She started with black, white and grey, but by her second painting she had graduated to color… “I thought the world and my wardrobe needed some color”.

The company name and logo came easy…it was named after her orange tabby boy kitty Elvis, and proceeds from all sales help fund animal charities.

elvislaskin, the apparel line, was born… bringing color, fun, and print into a mostly solid colored world.

For more info visit www.elvislaskin.com


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