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I have decided to title this post “New Milano Fashion Week” because this edition of Milano Fashion week will not be forgotten so soon.

Not only for all the beautiful collections showcased here either in presence or digital, but for the global pandemic situation that stroke and still striking the whole world with negative consequences for business in general.

We would have never imagined to watch Giorgio Armani’s SS 21 fashion show on Italian TV as it happened on the 26th September. And this is just one of the new things happening inside the fashion world.

Definately technology helped a lot to broadcast the fashion shows but there is no 4K technology that could replace the incredible feeling during a fashion show: fashion must be seen, touched, felt and lived in presence.

As far as myself, I was more concerned than excited about heading to Milan since it was my first long trip (3 hours by train) after the beginning of Covid. However I decided to go and it was great.

Needless to say that there were less events and less people mainly Italians around but this did not lowered the quality of the shows at all.

Once again La Permanente welcomed the Milano Fashion Week Fashion Hub and will host the 11th edition of the Fashion Hub Market, showcasing 7 new designers: Gentile Catone, Salvatore Vignola, DassùYAmoroso, Daniele Carlotta (see second photo below), Roni Studios, C’est la V, Francesca Marchisio (see photo below).

Together with the Fashion Hub Market area, there were the “Designers for the Planet” where six emerging Made in Italy brands were showcasing their collections dedicated to sustainability: Fantabody, flavialarocca, Tiziano Guardini, Bav Tailor, Yatay, Silvia Giovanardi.

La Permanente welcomed also the Budapest Select where 5 Hungarian designers, as part of the three year strategic agreement between Camera Nazionale della Moda and Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency, had the opportunity to showcase their collections on a catwalk. The designers were Kata Szegedi, MERO, NINI, THEFOUR and Zia budapest.

The other interesting event I attended was WSM WHITE – Fashion Reboot: the first event dedicated to fashion design and sustainable innovation. Here I virtually visited the Sustainable Thinking exhibition at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum dedicated to responsible design and innovation. Sustainable designers like Joao Maraschin, fili Pari, Froy, D.N.I., Gilberto Calzolari, Patrick McDowell, Flavia LA Rocca, Chite’, Mozh Mozh and Behno exhibited their sustainable creations.

WSM offered not only the possibility to attend various interesting talks about retails, innovations, fashion entrepreneurs 3.0. but also to learn more about textile innovation presenting several companies who are developing new and better textiles. Companies like Technow , Maeko, Lim, Manteco, NearChimica and many others.

See you next February!


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