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I bought the book “Fashion. Business. Sprituality – A call to the light workers of the fashion industry” written by Farah Liz Pallaro mainly for its title: I was really intrigued to discover the link among these 3 apparently different realities.

The book is a good and honest guide primary for fashion students and workers and Farah offers a new point of view on how to survive in the fashion industry.

It is well-written and very engaging and at the of end of it you will have a deeper knowledge and ideas about the real fashion world.

I know Farah is working on the Italian version of the book and believe me if you like fashion like I do, it is really worth reading it.

For all these reasons, I decided to email Farah to congratulate with her for the great book and at the same time I asked her for an interview.

So I am really pleased to share with you the interview with Farah. Enjoy it!

Q.: Fashion. Business. Spirituality: which is the link among these 3 reality? People , simple as this , at the base of all is always the person , the human being that connects the whole.

Q.: Where would you open your fashion school? and why? Yes, I already did ! in a way with the online platform I set the bases of the school , in the next following months I will be launching the online courses as well. I decided to do it online so the content we create can arrive all over the world and support also those creative thinkers that can not afford traveling into the main fashion cities to study.

Q.: What does fashion mean for you? Fashion to me is a form of creative expression , a tool to create beauty and harmony when it is used in a positive way, a form to support society evolve and in some cases a form of art. I was lucky to stat in the fashion industry 20 years ago and to meet and see designers that create art as a form of fashion. Nowadays we have lost this, but I trust that it will come back to that point of expression again.

Q.: The best advice ever received. Work in developing yourself, your inner-YOU  and self-worth , the more aligned you are with yourself the better life will be.

Q.: A common mistake made by your fashion students. Unreal expectations based on the lack of understanding of the fashion industry. I’ve been there, same as I say it in my book , we create a dream around fashion that its unrealistic , and it is not our fault as well believe the fashion industry is what we see in the media, which is not, it is much more.

Q.: What does it mean for someone into fashion like you to live and work in Italy? It means to have access to beautiful craft and high quality manufacturing , with hundreds of years of tradition. It means to be surrounded by creativity that feeds the soul. I feel blessed to work in the fashion industry in Italy and lived in the beautiful Florence, as my eyes are always surrounded by beauty.

Q.: What are fashion schools still not teaching? Well-being! but I think this is changing as I start collaborating with many of them to set courses and seminars about this , so I hope schools will understand the importance of it.

Q.: You lived in many places, how important is traveling? It is a truly gift, it opens your mindset and you get to learn about amazing cultures and that feeds your brain and soul with precious experiences.

Q.: In your book you talk about “the human factor” what is it? Being human is the most important part of the equation to understand our connection with life. The human factor means to give priority to the “persona” before a job , a profession , materialism etc etc. Life is always asking us to pay attention to the human as a pivotal point of everything,  with the pandemic we have been forced to give priority to ourselves  from a health point of you but not only and review priorities, we where living as machines before, not as human beings.

Q.: Are social medias helping or ruining the fashion world? Both , because you have both people with good intentions and bad intentions running social media, in everything there is always light and shadow.

Q.: Can fashion be good for the world? Absolutely! fashion can be very positive if it focus on supporting society and not destroying it , again as a form of positive creating expression can lead evolution.

Q.: A brand that you consider the perfect representation of fashion. I don’t think there are perfect brand , that would be an utopia , but yes there are brads trying to be as much positive as possible and pushing fashion into a virtuos industry ,  one I like as a format is Patagonia, besides this I will say small designers label , such as the amazing Bav Tailor, she is doing a positive and virtuous fashion brand with gorgeous style.

Q.: Are books still  important in the digital era? Yes, I was speaking about this with my book editor the other day , printed books will always be there because there are more than just a message they are an object that we wish to keep because of what that message represented to us.

Q.: Three adjectives to describe your project. I think what represent my project is the main four points of our manifesto :





Q.: You took part to the “global women fashion forum” organized by the UN, can you tell us more about it? Yes, It was an amazing opportunity UN gave me to participate in such a great panel of female entrepreneurs, it is so important that organizations support female entrepreneurship special in those countries where women are struggling with creating a voice . I am very happy to collaborate with UNI and UNIDO in this kind of projects, and we are currently building some other to come.

Q.: What are your future plans?  My plan is to continue the work and the message I start about 5 years ago to create bridges between fashion , spirituality and well being and from a personal level to give always space for myself and enjoying this “video game “ called life.

For more info visit www.farahlizpallaro.com


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