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Marzook signifies the unity of our creative minds

Our journey into designing and styling was initially driven by our passion for art and design. Our maiden collection was accidental, starting with designing for family and a close circle of friends. 

We intend to push boundaries, to challenge fashion norms, and to create what we believe is the expression of individuality.

Marzook is a matured vision of our identity through creating a family “code”. As a sibling duo, Marzook signifies the unity of our creative minds.

The significance of the circle is it is a profound, transcendent symbol. 

It is said to represent the cycle of life, completion, inclusion, eternity, and the universe. The intertwined double circles (or the letters O) found in the way we have designed the Marzook logo expresses our interlocking creative relationship.

We are dependent on each other’s design decisions and we rely on one another for support.

We create handmade luxury art forms.

Each design is individually unique finding inspiration from art, architecture, and nature. 

Introducing distortions in design by breaking norms; and not being a systematic arrangement. We follow an ethos of non-instinctive thinking and the principles of surrealism, without any control by reason and irrational juxtaposition. 

Marzook’s exquisite line of accessories consists of precious metals, plexiglas resins, and swarovski encrusted spherical shapes and styles. 

The designs draw inspiration from a rich mix of Eastern and Western cultures; which reflect the world the brand was developed in.

The collection is a reverence to modern-day objet d’art.

We defined our own distinct vision of blending Art Deco and innovative designs to create an unforgettable glamour.

The RTW 2020 Sunset Muse collection was launched at the end of July called the “Sunset Muse”.

Marzook’s third Ready-To-Wear Capsule collection is inspired by the spectacular and vibrant color palettes painted across Mother Nature’s canvas. The sky turns so many different shades as the sun sinks behind the horizon, this sunset image is Marzook’s source of inspiration.

This collection boasts designs filled with vibrant summer colors, exotic fabric, and intricately handmade tailoring. Marzook’s ethos of romantic silhouettes is evident in this 15 piece limited edition collection.”

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