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Tokyo-born currently Paris-based designer Misora Nakamori studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and she got her name known in public by one of the world fashion-icon Lady Gaga when she appeared in media with her collection on. 

To pursue her raw spirits of craftsmanship and consolidate her creativity, she moved to London and completed graduate diploma at Central Saint Martins. 

During the period living in that diverse city, through experimenting in different skills at many workshops such as metal work, wood, resin, laser cutting and rapid forms.

Misora established her sense of hybrid in the exquisite combination of technology and hand-made crafts.

The application of varied materials represent the strong image of her world and delicate creativity with her sophisticated cuttings is always appreciated by the viewers.

Her bold yet luxury design embrace fashion and other fields. 

To convey her whole world she often deepens her inspiration with philosophical thoughts that lead her poetical creation. She announced that she officially starts her Japanese-Parisian label in 2019.

AW2020-2021 presented in Paris, March 2020: The essence is behind the face.

“Question of overflown word “sustainability” – What should be the actual definition of it? The brand considers the context of sustainability can’t be convinced only by the state of its materials used but the life of garments that could stay long in a wardrobe. Beyond the must each garment should be special to its owner/wearer, another way of sustainability can be performed by its versatility and transformability so the garments could function in many ways. We are challenging to suggest multi tasks in a single item.”

The ultimate beauty can be found in a hidden place.

The bunch of falling yarn on the surface of the fabric are to be cut off during the process of producing the textile. They are meant to be on the back side of the fabric although we found it the most beautiful part of it.

Misora Nakamori presents for AW20 collection with it’s beautiful technique of former kimono producer realising/applying her imaginary design onto the textile.

The journey of the creation of the brand is about interacting the point of view on its own way to experiment the state of beauty.

For more info visit www.misoranakamori.com


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