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The Smaak Amsterdam label was founded by Andre’ Grundmann and has rapidly grown into a popular brand with outlets throughout Europe.

Andre’ started with a multi brand store on the Leliegracht in Amsterdam, where he mainly sold clothings as well as shoes and bags.

Finding the best brands for this store wasn’t that difficult but finding nice quality bags was an issue, wither th quality was not up to standard or just not the right models, and if he did find the perfect bags, they would just be too expensive!

That’s when Andre thought to himself “why don’t I design ad produce my own bags?” The goal was to design and produce bags that were of high quality, beautifully designed and were able to compete with the bigger fashion brands!

Don’t be mistaken that was easier said than done, after two years of hard work and disappointments Andre’ got his collection started, and before too long Smaak Amsterdam was born. Andre’ had not just designed a bag, he created an entire collection.

As far as leather, we are super conscious that our leathers must be ethically sourced and be a sustainable as possible in the way they’re processed.

We use only premium cowhide leathers, which are a by-product of the food industry and sourced only from countries with strict ethical production standards.

We work together with the leather working group and their, and our, goal is to develop and maintain a protocol that assesses the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of leather manufacturers and promotes sustainable environmental practises. Read more on

Our belief is making bags is not just for one season, our bags are timeless pieces with a modern twist.

The definition of Smaak is feminine, modern and chic with a twist. The women who buy Smaak bags are strong, independent and fashionable and they know what they want.

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