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Belli Grau is a leather handbags brand founded by Sol and Carla, two friends who have found the way to express their creativity.

It was 1995 when we met each other, playing together in the school’s yard. At the end of that year life made us follow different paths and we saw each other again 18 years later, this time walking down university’s corridors.

We both chose creative careers and the love for art and design would soon make us bond again.

Since that moment we were always in touch but our friendship grew stronger when we left our hometown in Buenos Aires to move to Europe.

One in London and the other one in Madrid but the dream we shared was the same: to turn our vision, values and love for design into a creative project in which we could share our story and inspiration.

Belli Grau is the result of a ton of work, dedication and above all, the urge to share our journey and story with everyone who is willing to listen. Two friends, following the same inspiration and cheering each other to achieve their goals.

In nature we find, undoubtedly, our greatest inspiration. Its shapes, its colours. Its awe-inspiring power.

We are sons and daughters of nature and we want to pay homage to our mother. Our first designs were inspired by the movement of the sea, the flow of the waves coming and going. 

This, at the same time, brings us to the thought of how important it is sometimes to flow; to let go of things that are bringing you down, not to hold on to negative thoughts and be more gentle to yourself. 

Nature flows constantly and we should do the same by connecting to it and ourselves.

If you know anything about the fashion industry, you probably know that many times working conditions aren’t good. When we started this project, we knew that we wouldn’t be involved with companies or factories that weren’t open about the way they treated their employees.

That is why we decided to work with an independent artisan, Manolo, who is in charge of our whole production along with his brother and has his own workshop in Madrid. He does all the job by himself with the help of his brother. He works at his own pace and he puts the price to his work.

As a result, he provides us with one of the best handmade bags that you will ever see and feel. Manolo is passionate about his job and he has been doing it for years. That mix between love for what he does, his experience and the freedom he has at the time of working can only bring good results.

We at Belli Grau are extremely happy for choosing ethical work and we are committed to stick to it as we continue to grow as a company.

Every bag we design is meant to reflect enjoyable moments. We value imperfection and we do not want to follow trends.

Belli Grau handbags are designed in London and ethically handmade in Spain.

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