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About Arianne is a shoe brand for women 100% made in Spain. We manufacture every pair of shoes in Elche (Alicante) and work at our local studio in Poblenou, Barcelona.

Together with local artisan and designer Marc Morro, we have conceived our headquarters as a versatile, multidisciplinary space that works as our every-day office and storage room, as well as showroom for presenting our collections and organizing events. You can find us at the heart of Poblenou, Barcelona.

Behind About Arianne you will find us, Ariadna Guirado and Ernest Vidal. Back in 2010 we teamed up to create those shoes we couldn’t find out there. Ariadna is in charge of the product design and Ernest is the art director and brand manager. We share different backgrounds but the same love for fashion and shoes.

By following no trends and respecting local craftsmanship and the environment, we produce comfortable and nice shoes using the best Spanish materials and leathers.

Combining design and comfort is a key factor that determines everything we do, as well as supporting Spanish craftsmanship and making environmentally responsible products.

We work together with real artisans as a way to keep alive a traditional craftsmanship, respecting their procedures and ensuring a nice and healthy environment. Both our team and our factory respect equality of sex. In fact, women compose more than half of the team in the factory.

By working with local providers we reduce the use of energy and waste of water. Every shoe and packaging generates as little waste as possible. And when it comes to the leather, every new collection is a new step forward towards a vegan approach. Every time we do use animal leather, we do it very consciously. Covers and soles are made with high-quality vegetal materials.

We base our work in three main values, all sharing the same importance to us: quality, comfort and design.

QUALITY — We believe that quality goes before quantity. By using top natural leathers and selecting the best materials used since ever in the traditional manufacturing process in Elche, we guarantee a product that will last a lifetime.

COMFORT — Never forgetting that ‘shoes are made for walking’, we test every model carefully and personally. We really do! The practicality of a shoe is as important as its design.

DESIGN — Finding inspiration in the classics, those shoes that were made to last forever, we make our own interpretation to create contemporary models. Every detail is thought through to make them distinctive and unique. Details really make the difference.

When thinking through every detail of the brand, packaging is an important one we always take special care of. It is completely sustainable: it has no plastic on it, the little paper it uses is recycled, plus it is renewable so you can use it over and over again as a beautiful storage box to keep your shoes safe and sound.

Keep track of the designs because we like to make some small changes every season!

The better you look after your shoes, the longer they will last. You just need to take care of them every few months with good shoe brushes, cloths and polish creams.

For ore info visit aboutarianne.com


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