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I am honoured to feature an interview with Helen Nonini who is not only a brand advisor and strategic consultant but above all she is a deep, cultured, elegant, concrete woman of our time.

Q.: Who’s Helen Nonini? A multifaceted person.

Q.: You have lived in many countries, which one do you consider your home town? and why? None because I’m always missing something but I chose to live in Milan. It is a city to which I shall always be grateful because it has pretended much but it also gave me a lot.

Q.:What does it mean to be a brand ambassador? It means representing the brand values. If a brand were a person it would be like his Ambassador.

Q.: How do you choose a brand to collaborate with? I’m a brand Advisor thus I choose based on the quality of the project and its value.  The only brand for which I’m an Ambassador is Pomellato.

Q.: I know you love art, which piece of art represent you better? The Nefertiti Bust.

Q.: If I say Made in Italy, what do you think immediately?Craftsmanship, culture of quality and embedded beauty.

Q.: What future do you see for Italian companies after the post-pandemic? A rebirth. This implies a change of mentality. The old system is dead.

Q.: Do you think fashion and business in general will have a different approach after Covid-19? Definitely. Fashion is a necessity, we must dress but these circumstances have changed for many the scale of values and the worth of money.

Q.: Is there something you would like to experience but you did not have have the time to do it yet? The Trans-Siberian route.

Q.: You are a luxury brand consultant, is it easier to give or to accept a piece of advice? It’s my job. In order to give advice the first rule is to listen.

Q.:Three adjectives to describe yourself. Authentic, generous, light-hearted.

Q.: What book are you reading right now? Once again Alice in Wonderland.

Q.: Something that really bothers you is.. Rudeness.

Q.: If you were a garment, what would you be? A turban.

Q.:Which is your mantra? In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Photo credits: Simone Rivi, Chiara Romagnoli, Sandra Bourhani


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