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Françoise, a woman who is undefinable
Françoise is a woman apart; she dances, loves, smokes, drinks, tans and drives in high heels. Sometimes she falls asleep still wearing make-up in her evening gown or grocery shops in her tuxedo. Françoise is always the opposite of what is expected of her. Her archetype is surprise, and that is what makes her attractive. “I dare to imagine that there are as many ways to wear a dress as there are personalities“, says designer Johanna Senyk. Françoise’s pieces follow the ages: you wear a jacket differently when you’re twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or older. If the essence of a woman can change overnight, then what does it say about who she can become over the course of a lifetime?

The creation of Françoise
Françoise is a a fashion & accessories label, founded by the Paris-based designer Johanna Senyk in collaboration with the Italian group Castor. The designer likes to play with their technical and artisanal possibilities, applying their unique sense of manufacturing to create pieces that last. At a time when the world is questioning the role of luxury and consumption, Johanna Senyk is anchoring herself in a traditional, family-run industry, creating a collection apart from the frenetic cycle of fashion. “You don’t come to Françoise’s to buy a volatile personality, but to build your wardrobe, to collect pieces for life“. To last, the only secret is quality.

Françoise’s name
Françoise Sagan, Dorléac, Hardy or Fabian… All French women can be Françoise. “In France, we all have a Françoise in our family. Our daughters, our sisters but also our mothers must be able to dress as Françoise.” Françoise, according to Johanna Senyk, is a highly cultured woman, who knows about fabrics, who can recognize the craftsmanship of material and who has a love for detail and know-how. She is an active, independent woman, known for her humor and intelligence.

Françoise’s style
Detonating and uncomplicated, elegant and uninhibited, Françoise has fun mixing references and blurring lines. She handles and accumulates genres and eras with lightness. Her wardrobe is adorned with satin, lurex, cotton, velvet and cashmere. She likes what is soft, but also what shines. Françoise is selfish. She dresses for herself and only for herself. Sensual and carnal, her skin likes the embrace of beautiful materials. Playful, she leaves a collar bone bare, she honors a wrist, an ankle. She likes to hide what she wants us to guess and show what we can imagine. Françoise has strong shoulders and holds her head high – she likes to be looked at in the eyes. Françoise’s style is that of a woman with unstudied elegance.

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