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This is my second visit at White Show which is one of the most prestigious trade fair for the fashion sector.

The purpose of my visit is not only to do some scouting, not only to visit brands that are already featured on my blog but to see, to feel and to touch the FW 2019-2020 trends: 514 brands of which 342 are Italians and 172 are from abroad are exhibiting here this year.

White Show is divived in four incredible locations Tortona 27 |Superstudio Piu’, Tortona 31| Opificio, Tortona 35|Hotel Nhow and Tortona 54| Ex Ansaldo BASE.

This edition offers several special areas like Knit Lab dedicated to creative knitwear , the Lounge Sphere dedicated to loungewear, lingerie, beauty and wellness, the Showroom Connection a project created to promote companies and must-line showrooms, the Basement area is reserved to Estonian emerging brands in collaboration with Fashion-Avant showroom.

White Show in collaboration with Flanders District of Creativity, a Belgian platform to support and promote young creative companies, and Confartigianato Imprese is hosting a group of Belgian talents.

White and ModeFabriek collaborate for an exchange of brands to create an international network.

If I have to be honest, I like much better the February edition than the September one simply because we can wear more thing in FW than in SS… Walking thought the boots my attention was captured by many, many high quality garments especially coats which is not of my favorite thing to wear.

Not only I am attracted by colours and styles but also by attention to details and good clothing manufacturing and many brands at White are really offering top quality clothes. I have also noticed a strong fabrics research, an important commitment to quality and to innovation.

Let me say that White Show offers such a large variety of brand levels that it can really satisfy everybody’s taste, interest, ideas, and much more.

Least but not last a special attention to sustainability with brands like Good People, Noize, Milanese Made in Italy and the special project GIVE A FOK-us | Focus on the unfocused,  developed in partnership with ICE agency, under the patronage of the Italian Chamber of Fashion Buyers – The Best Shops and Confartigianato Imprese. The creative direction of the project is  led by Matteo Ward, co-founder and CEO of Wrad which is not only a conscious label clothing but also an enterprise dedicated to positive change.

See you in September!

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