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Circular economy and traceability of the production and supply chain are some fo the assets of this project, launched to shine a spotlight on relevant these and entities in terms of sustainability on the Italian textile industry. A project under the artistic direction of Matteo Ward.

WHITE launches GIVE A FOK-us hub dedicated to sustainable innovation, under the artistic direction of Matteo Ward, co-founder and CEO of Wrad. From 22nd to 25th February, in the Lounge in via Tortona 27, this initiative aims to focus to the attention on the relevant entities in terms of textile sustainability in Italy, offering the 27 thousand prospective visitors (among buyers, intention press and insiders)  the tools to discover an actualize a shared manifesto in favour of sustainable development. GIVE A FOK-us, developed in partnership with Confartigianato project, supported by MISE and ICE Agenzia, by Camera Italia Buyer Moda – The Best Shops, which was launched also thanks to partnership with DrawLight, Fashion Revolution, 1TueID, the platform Fashion B.E.S.T. an some of the innovative Italian textile organisations.

“GIVE A FOK-us is a path dedicated to discover. This is the expression of intangible values through real products and services for the world of retail, for buyers and brands, in line with the new market requirements in terms of environmental footprint and social impact – says Matteo Ward- Recent polls have shown that while 82% of the Italian think that the brands should prove users  with clear information on the measures adopted to minimize the environmental footprints, only 22% consider to be satisfactorily informed” .

The path consists of three stages, which explore the relation ship between Fashion and Nature, Fashiona n Society, Fashiona dn the individual. First on the list, SYNC, animmersive installation design by Draught , collective of rtists from padua, who aim to inspire people to better self-awareness thorugh art, technology, creativity and science. SYNC put the visitors in the most suitable state of mind to rediscover themselves in relation with nature, society and themselves. This is a necessary condition to rediscover a state of well-being and to approach fashion with a converted mind-set, compared to the disposable consumer culture we are accustomed to.

Next on, the Fashion Revolution Lounge, area developed in partnership with Fashion Revolution, a movement born in 2013 to promote a manifesto dedicated to transparent with the campaign Who Made My  Clothes, and coordinated in Italy by Marina Spadafora. In this space the keyword is: traceability, whose value is gaining momentum on the market. Today, in the main European countries, 4 people out 5 ask for enhanced transparency in the procession chain. Transparency that technologies like block-chain – presented in this area by the forums business in the sector and 1TueID portent – can streamline: both in terms of management and communication to the end-users.

The third step room in on some innovative and sustainable projects by Italian textile producers, dedicated to circle economy and to the development of smart fibres, like Candiani, Reda, PureDenim, AquaFil, Frumat, VEGEa, Orange Fiber, Recycrom and Alisea – Perpetua. Fabrics with a story to tell, already used by several designers in their collection, which buyers can access through the informative section: Brands who GIVE A FOK-us.

For more info visit www.wradliving.comwww.drawlight.net


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