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Olivier Bernoux has been designing in for the best luxury Maison, amateur of perfection and connoisseur of the different Art of Savoir Faire, he launched his brand with Ultra Light Luxury Accessories. Different international celebrities  appreciate his creations, such as Melanie Griffith, Eva Longoria, the international model Nieves Alvarez or Laura Ponta for her wedding to the Spanish King Juan Carlos I nephew.

Clutch and ultra lights leather bags: obsession of lightness to forget  that we wear a bag. To reach this lightness  our craftsmen choose smooth, thin, flexible and resistant material such as our nappa lamb, coming from the best French tanneries.

Only 3% of these leathers  are selected to manufacture our leather’s collection. Silk  knitted as jersey to offer flexibility and beauty to the lining but also resistance to its use. Handles are adjustable thanks to an ingenious and invisible buckles system. All our leather and handmade  embroidery collections are developed in our French and Spanish ateliers.

To dare with a fan: Union of noble and antagonist materials to create fresh, amazing, provocative  but always elegant fans. Ebony, black danta, natural mongoy or lacquer wood with extremely long sticks to enhance the elegance and the resistance of our fans. Long and transparent leaves to Italian silks, Spanish  voile of cotton, English poplin and French guipure to magnify the exclusive wood.

Marquetry with exotic leathers, strass and precious stone or silver adornments for unexpected fans. To create our fans, it is essential to select excellent craftsmen in jewellery, sculpture, pleating , leather, feather, embroidery … in France, Italy and Spain.

Weapons of seduction: Sensual and elegant acquires brought to the highest level of Haute Couture and Trend where belongs by it is own right. Mix of noble and antagonist materials to create fresh Haute Couture pieces, daring but always elegant.

A woman with an absent look that opens an fan with extreme elegance, represents without a doubt the most subtle of sensualities that can be defined as an “Innocent provocation”. Exciting clutches and purses that complete to perfection Olivier’s look, while improving the silhouette and expressing the woman personality without showing off but making everybody notice.


Watch these great video to discover more about this brand:

– The Fashion Film of the collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRcShgLPvLQ&t=15s

– The R. F. Kennedy Collection by Olivier Bernoux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGpMhiTJ9mg&t=5s

– The latest interview of the designer during the Milano Fashion Week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh3BhGIAxFY

For more info visit olivier-bernoux.com/home-en.html


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