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The concept of the brand SOFIA NOGARD is “timeless”.

As we are interested in the local culture and tradition and the associated moods, we reinterpret all of these feelings through clothes and accessories with new materials, shapes, color combinations, patterns, and usability in a modern, contemporary way, so that is embedded in an instant moment of the global world.

The style is a mix of street wear, sportswear and high fashion – “street couture”. Our woman and man are multi-faceted personalities, which are to her-/himself the best friends and enemies at the same time, mother/father and daughter/son, role models and rebels, yet unique in their complexity.

Behind the brand we are two fashion designers, MIJA CURK and BOSTJAN MLJAC, both from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Design of Textiles and Clothing at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and both with master fashion design degree – Mija at UIAH/Helsinki, Finland and Bostjan at Marangoni school, Milano, Italy.

We also had different working experiences- Mija worked as designer at Butanoga, a Slovene luxury accessory and footwear label, Bostjan worked as assistant designer for the label Oktober, and later as head menswear designer for label Mura.

In 2006, we joined forces and begun the Sofia Nogard story.

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