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Fall-Winter 2017 collection by Ksenia Schnaider – another contemplation of the creative duo on the gist of clothing.

While working on the latest collection, Ksenia and Anton decided to explore the gist of clothing, in particular, and fashion, in general. “It is obvious that people do not buy total looks anymore. They are much more interested in designers` key pieces and basic clothing, – Ksenia remarks, – last season we managed to create such a piece – a pair of jeans Demi-Denims. Its success has clarified to us what fashion is today and has given us an understanding of where we fit in. Currently we are more interested in working on the pieces that are quintessential to what we do, instead of multiplying ideas for the sake of growing quantity”.

“This is a typical attitude for innovative tech start-ups and online-services – they create a high-quality product or a small series of products and keep on developing them. Most corporations act the same way – they produce mini-series, that consist of not more than 10 objects”, – Anton adds.

Main part of the collection consists of denim pieces. Ksenia Schnaider offers garments from new and re-worked denim. Pairs of vintage jeans have been remade into different shapes. As a result, oversize dresses, jackets, skirts in three different lengths, pullovers and jeans are created from re-used denim. As an addition to the classic light and dark blue, thick cotton is now also available in black and white. On top of that, there is a more modest version of well-known jeans – Demi-Denims Slim and a few variations of dungarees.

#Demidenims – is a key piece by Ksenia Schnaider, which is popular all around the world. Linda Tol, Eleonora Carisi, Sonya Esman, Zanita Whittington and Alana Hadid have chosen to wear Demi-Denims for numerous occasions. Edgy fashionistas from South Korea and Japan love Demi-Denims, and so do demanding clients of the biggest online-stores, such as Stylebop and Moda Operandi.

Ksenia Schnaider denim pieces have a very minimalistic look – no visible findings and rivets, even finishing lines are used for utilitarian purpose only. Every pair of jeans has a great fit, even though they have an avant-garde look. “This is the best pair of jeans in my life”, – is a typical comment of a client, who has purchased denim by Ksenia Schnaider.

Dresses are essentially important for the creative duo. This season designers have decided to continue developing their innovative project Custom Dress. They offer a range of woolen dresses, experimenting with colours and prints, that have been created by Anton as always.

There is a new line as well – Reworked Sportswear, bright pieces made from vintage sportswear. The idea has been brewing for years and could not wait any longer, so Ksenia and Anton developed the upcycling aspect even more. Designers used tracksuits from the 80-s and remade them into bombers, crop-tops and odd pants. Due to the process of re-using materials, every piece is going to be unique. Therefore, buyers won`t be able to choose colours and true fashionistas won`t face a risk of meeting someone who is wearing the same outfit.

There is a classic white shirt too, which has a collar made from vintage denim. Samuel Trotman, denim editor of the world-known forecasting agency WGSN`s web-site has already pointed it out as an outstanding piece, which makes “office shirt cool again”.

Ksenia and Anton assert that the mission of the contemporary designer is to constantly reinvent clothing and different approaches to it not for the sake of the reinvention itself, but in order to elaborate, perfect and find new forms. Ksenia Schnaider team is driven by the desire to reach the gist of clothing and the opportunity to transfer these simple, but complex meanings to their clients.

A total look from Ksenia Schnaider Spring-Summer 2017 collection has been in the show-window of Galeries Lafayette in Berlin after Ksenia and Anton had received Premium Young Designers Award last year. Moreover, there was a corner at the aforementiond famous department store with the key pieces from the collection.

A part of the Fall-Winter 2017 collection has been presented at the international tradeshow Premium in Berlin, and it will be showcased in full at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days on the 4th of February at 3:00 pm.

Fall-Winter 2017 collection will be available at the tradeshow Capsule in Paris from the 2nd till the 5th of March and at the showroom FIND A NAME from the 3rd till the 10th of March.

For more info visit www.kseniaschnaider.com


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