Ampersand as Apostrophe

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A native of Detroit and now Seattle-based designer, Jessica Park was inspired to make her first bag out of sheer captivation of an “as-chance-would-have-it” material. It was the look of something conventional dying to be transformed in a truly unconventional way. Soon after, AMPERSAND AS APOSTROPHE, a fashion accessories brand known for it’s smart wit, eco-friendly ways and innovative approach to design, was launched.

Park graduated from Architecture School with a major in Interior Design. So it was instinctual for her to employ a feeling of paradoxical form and function. Her innate respect for utility and the structural know-how to identify good design in life’s most common, yet overlooked wonders is what she believes links style and conceptual sophistication. Part rustic, part design-conscious glossy chic, her rich aesthetic take you to both ends of the spectrum and back again.

AMPERSAND AS APOSTROPHE’s preferred method of solving design challenges is to refine what’s there instead of focusing on what’s not. The first collection made from 100 year-old Mailbags, features over the shoulder bags that doubled as clutches and triple as anything else you may feel like. Although the initial wow-factor comes from their multiplicity and clean minimalist style, these handbags with envelope-like features made out of the mailbags that used to deliver them is the type of stuff that really gets our rocks off. Something as simple and efficient as an envelope suddenly has an entire new purpose yet still retains its basic form to tell it’s original story.

Creative minimalism coupled with Park’s timely sense of humor is definitely the last piece in the A3 puzzle. An upside-down, inside-out view of the world makes for some interesting discoveries indeed. This same unique outlook is what prompted her to open “Coming Soon Concept”, a retail pop-up installation space, a sort of think-tank, experimental space where Park was able to design, redesign and re-redesign. This also happens to be where she launched AMPERSAND AS APOSTROPHE, with emphasis on the interactive aspect. Think: Mailbag Butchershop, just one of many ways she marries satire and experience, and what a happy marriage it is.


Ampersand As Apostrophe

Read aloud, this phrase reveals itself as three commonly recognized symbols.  In addition, equal to, and multiples of.  Each defines itself as a method of transformation, the means to an end.  By spelling these symbols out in full, the recognized suddenly becomes unrecognized.  Their raw qualities are exposed and therefore abstracted, unveiling their honest, and undiscovered beauty.

AasA is:  The conventional transformed unconventionally, creating beautiful wonder.

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