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Founded in 2014 by London College of Fashion graduate Youmeng Liu, Dream’s Code is an emerging accessory brand based in London, whose artistic philosophy mixes modernity, elegance and tradition. Growing up in the Southern province of Yunnan in China, Youmeng has always been fascinated by the embroidery of the ethnic Bai minority, which has a history going back to the Tang Dynasty. After successfully exhibiting artwork for the International Talent Support in Italy, she decided to marry her culture to beautiful British vegetable-tanned leather, using innovative and traditionally inspired designs. 

Youmeng designs accessories which are both modern, sophisticated and environmentally sustainable. Her desire is to create high quality products that have style and personality, but are also ecologically sound, and made using the ancient sewing techniques of the Bai. This personal approach became the brand’s signature that can be found in each product.

By using vegetable tanned leather, Dream’s Code is advocating a higher standard quality and a long-lived product over large-scale production and mass consumption. Vegetable tanning process causes less pollution and is better for the environment, while the leather itself will mature over time, giving a unique character to your bag as it acquires a unique patina through use, and wear marks reflecting your own adventures.

By using embroidery from the Yunnan and Dali region, Dream’s Code develops the art of the Bai minority and introduces it to the world. The embroideries are all handmade, and tell the myths and spiritual stories of the region.

Dream’s Code, using extraordinary skills and modern shapes, aim to create better products using ancient art techniques, that reconnect our society to the environment the surrounds us. 

FLOWER IN THE WIND Spring/ Summer 2017

For this season, Dream’s Code has been inspired by the story of the ‘Flower in the Wind’, an ancient myth of the Dali region of south-western China, which tells the secret behind the beauty of the landscape. It originates from the Bai people, an ethnic minority who live in the province of Yunnan and Dali.

Our designer, Youmeng Liu grew up in this region, and has stayed true to her style and philosophy of creating authentic luxury accessories, which reconnect the modern women with both the environment and the society that surrounds them. Combining environmentally friendly leather tanned with vegetable and plant leaves, with traditional handcrafted embroidering skills of the Bai people, Youmeng designed a collection in harmony with her heritage and her values.

Long ago, the myth says that a white fox transformed into a beautiful girl, who fell in love with a boy from the Bai. The boy was studying, and at this time it was forbidden to have a lover when you were student, so they tried to keep their relationship secret. But one day, his teacher discovered their love and was furious. Out of anger, he took the boy’s books and pens and threw them all in the Erhai lake, before throwing the boy in as well. Despairing, the young woman ran to Buddha’s temple and begged the god to save the love of her life. Being merciful, he gave her six bottles of wind to blow the water away and rescue the boy, but with the condition that she must not speak on her way back. After thanking him she ran back to the lake but in her hurry she tripped on the bridge and let out a small Outch! This unfortunate mistake caused her to free five of the six winds and it is why from that day on, huge winds blow across the region.

For centuries thousands of flowers of all kinds, including camellias, rhododendrons, magnolias and lilies have grown in the mountains of the Yunnan. This magnificent landscape, which could be out of a dream, is actually shaped by the people of the region, who plant the flowers high up in the mountains to decorate the hills with bright colors to inspire them. The wind blows day and night on these flowers, releasing a charming fragrance and creating a spectacular landscape. It is from this gentle and romantic scenery that the women of the Bai draw their inspiration for their colorful and innovative embroideries that embellish the elegant designs of our Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

This fresh and nature-inspired collection with a summery palette of pink, white and gold is an Ode a la Vie, perfect for the dreamer hidden in every woman.

In the near future Dreams’ doe plan to create a ready-to-wear-collection.

For more info visit www.dreamscode.co.uk


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