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The designer

Ilaria Soncini, class ’84, was born in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy.
Her choice of studies immediately led her to take the artistic route, graduating from the School of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan.


As she was sure that she wanted to become a costume designer, when she was 22 years old she moved to Berlin, where she discovered a profound love for hats, which she makes with any kind of material such as old lamps, umbrellas, curlers and basket chairs.
Any element is transformed into a majestic and surreal headdress. Then, she decided to go back to Italy, where she obtained a Master in fashion design.
Due to a personal choice, she moved back to Berlin, where she started to work in the Hat Maison of Milliner Fiona Bennett. The prestigious Teatro alla Scala opera house in Milan brought her back to Italy to create headdresses for musicals and ballets coming from all over the world.


It was in 2013 when the Ilariusss hat brand was born with the clear intent to let freshness and austerity breathe under each individual aspect of the collection. A surreal, ironic and scenographic footprint acts as the framework for the entire Ilariusss collection, combining traits of absolute femininity with an androgynous and endearing appeal.

Ilaria continues working for Fashion Maisons and for the Theatre as well, collaborating with brands such as Valentino, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier and Cavalli, and with costume designers such as Franca Squarciapino and Luisa Spinatelli.

The brand

The Ilariusss brand offers a collection of hats in which romanticism and magic blend, by means of sharp cuts and definite colours.

Each hat is made with top-quality materials, such as felt, straw and fabrics. The cuts of the brims, the details and the lining are finely and meticulously made by hand, in order to preserve – as much as possible – the “hand-made” work touch that makes each model unique and prestigious.


The extremely rare technique chosen by Ilaria Soncini for the creation of the most iconic models is called Shaving. Once the felt has been given shape, it is smoothed off with a special device, which gives brightness to the material and a pleasant smooth feel.

Wearing an Ilariusss hat is an ultra-modern choice in full compliance not only with traditionalism but also with the Italian sartorial rules.


Irony, theatricalness and freshness, combined with a clear “ready to wear” intention coexist together for an urban contemporary style, characterised by traits of attitude, intended to cover even the most elegant evenings.

Fall-Winter 2016/17

The Fall/Winter 2016/17 Collection by Ilariusss shall continue to provide the freshness of the shapes of the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection emphasizing its ironic glamour style.
The wide and funny collection is featured by surreal, ironic and scenographic suggestions: it offers elegant shaped and geometrical hats as well as mouth, heart, octagon, hexadecagon and rectangular-shaped ones and soft caps, too.


Different sized and coloured pompoms make this collection very funny indeed.
The Fall/Winter 2016/17 Collection distinguishes itself for the transformation and the continuous research for materials. This is typical of Ilaria’s sensitivity as she has been employing lapin fur, nappa leather and fake fur to create strictly hand-finished hats enriched with precious finish and customized versions.

Wearing an Ilariusss’ hat means to decide for an avant-garde style while fully respecting the traditional Italian sartorial rules. Irony, theatrical taste, haute couture and ready to wear match together for a contemporary urban style that may fit on elegant and refined events, too.



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