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Originally from the heart of Athens, Katerina Psoma developed her sense of culture and style while she was studying History of Art in Rome and London.


During her travels, she accumulated a selection of fine stones and rare ornaments which later became the backbone of her first jewellery collection in 2001.

Katerina Psoma seasonal collections are mostly influenced by either artistic movements, or female personages; it could be Jackson Pollock’s brushstrokes or 19th century women archeologists that may inspire a collection.


On the other hand, the influence of architectural proportions and Byzantine mosaics is strong throughout the Signature and Fine collections.  Fine rosaries and long-chain necklaces, comprising up to 10 different elements, echo the art of uniting tiny tesserae.

The mainspring of Katerina’s work is the stones themselves which derive from all over the world.  Murano glass from Venice, antique trade beads from Africa, carved jade and coral from China and semi-precious stones from India are only a few from the exquisite materials Katerina handpicks for her pieces.  She harmoniously adopts them into unique, iconic jewellery.


Today, Katerina Psoma collections are sold in prestigious stores around the world, such as Beymen in Istanbul, Anthropologie in USA and UK, Luisa via Roma in Italy, Sauce in Dubai. Additionally, Katerina Psoma designs have been featured in leading international fashion publications, including Vogue, Elle, L’ Officiel and InStyle.





For more info visit www.katerinapsoma.com


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