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World-leading lenses brand Transitions Optical have partnered with independent Parisian frames designer brand Face-à-Face.



Face-à-Face has long been known in the optical industry for its original and atypical designs. Since the founding of the company in 1995, the collection has enjoyed enormous success on the export market, and today has a distribution network covering over 50 countries.


Transitions lenses are high-tech lenses designed to adapt to changing light: clear indoors, dark outdoors. Beyond visual acuity, they allow to seamlessly go from low light to bright sun light and everything in between, and enjoy an enhanced vision every day.

The partnership includes some very cool styles called Bocca, inspired by the legendary Dali’s ‘Mae West’ sofa, others by Yves Saint Laurent’s smoking.


My absolutely favourite is the cheeky Brigitte Bardotesque pink pair with the heels details. And that is the cool, fun and unexpected side of the partnership, the fact that every pair of glasses has..heels!

I honestly think they are some of the coolest glasses I have ever seen!

Starting price point is £279; the Transitions x Face-a-Face partnership is sold in reputable opticians all over Europe. www.transitions.com/en-gb/




For more info visit www.faceaface-paris.com




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