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Born and raised in Bahrain, Lulwa Al Amin moved to London in 2004 to complete her college studies. She graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2009 with a BA Degree in Textile Design.


Before starting her own label, Lulwa had already gained work experience from leading names in the fashion Industry, such as Matthew Williamson and Browns. In addition to a number of freelance projects. Based in London, Lulwa Al Amin was founded in 2010, Launching her first collection in 2011. Her collections include an array of graceful garments that are essential to any woman’s closet, distinctive by their prints.



Now the exclusive interview with Lulwa Al Amin for which I would like to thank her for her time.

Q: When did you start your brand? and how?

A: I started back in 2010. It had been a year since i graduated from university , and i spent the whole year taking freelance jobs and doing internships. By the summer of 2010 , I realised that i did not want to work for someone anymore and that I could not wait but to start my own line. So I woke up in the morning and registered my company and started from that day .

Q:Where do you take inspiration from?

A: It varies , and always depends on what I am into at the moment . So for my SS15 collection , I was obsessed with swans and hearts. I had also heard about the Madonna Inn hotel in California and began looking into it . Combining all these elements together I created my collection .

Q: What do you like designing most? dresses, coats, skirts…

A: Dresses , as they are always the best to pack . There is nothing better than a versatile comfortable dress that can take you from day to night . I love designing my reversible dresses as they are essential for travelling women , two dresses in one !

Q: What garment should every woman have in her wardrobe?

A: A little black dress and a little white dress. Also a light dress coat



Q: Among all the designers, who would you collaborate with? and why?

A: Since I design garments , I like to collaborate with Accessories and interior designers rather than fashion designers . Seeing my prints on shoes , bedding , sunglasses … is more interesting and can complete a Lulwa Al Amin look . My last collaboration was with The Bahrain Jewellery Centre and Luisa Dela Salda , for a range of earrings to go with my SS14 collection . The outcome was fantastic, especially when the garments where combined with the earrings .

Q: What do you think about fast fashion (like Zara, H&M…)?

A: I think it is affordable and practical , and I like to shop on the high street . However I like to know that my clothes come from an ethical production background and thats always important to consider when shopping on the high street . Study the brands before you purchase .

Q: 3 adjectives to describe your brand

A: Fun , smart , splendid


Q: Who would you like to wear your clothes?

A: Happy customers always make my day .. and anyone that appreciates fashion. In terms of celebrities I always see Lana del Rey  or Dita von Tesse

Q: Which is the capital city of fashion nowadays?

A: Paris . Everyone in Fashion goes to Paris

Q: What are your future plans?

A: I have many and endless plans . For the moment I am working on expanding our stockist list so that Lulwa Al Amin is available worldwide



Q: Which garment represents better your brand?

A: My prints represent my brand . I am happy when people tell me that they can recognise a garment of mine automatically by looking at the print



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