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Sophie Cox had an unusual beginning for a footwear designer, she grew up in either riding boots or bare feet for long Australian summers. With a curious disposition and a practical streak her path to fashion was far from glamorous: “I was one of only a handful of female students in a four year industrial design course! In that time I came to see the relationship between shoes and design innovation and in my final year I invented a shoe that flipped from a flat to a high heel. I was hailed as a young inventor but what I really wanted to create was fashion that felt good, beauty you could walk in…”


Before she graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2009, Cox won the Drapers Student footwear designer of the year award and then went on to work for British luxury shoe designer Georgina Goodman.



Rock Muse collection

She could have been any girl, but she had that something else. That quality that made her haunt his dreams, inspire a song and electrify fashion for decades.

She could be the singer or the song. She lives in tall black boots and is never ashamed of an animal print. What huntress would be? There is the occasional flash of silver to accent her mid winter tan and turquoise for esoteric occasions.

Sometimes, because she’s beautiful she risks being almost plain but of course her under- statement is pure mastery. Simplicity is her art form.


Paying homage to successive generations of the rare creature known as the Rock Muse, the new Sophie Cox collection is kinky in a tightly laced ankle boot. Snarly in a red heeled Ocelot print pump. Sleek as straight gin in silver moire printed leather. And savagely cool in four different breeds of black boot enough to service a tour… or five.

Make this collection your sartorial playlist with shoes named after songs you can’t resist, inspired by women you can’t forget.




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