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Yulia Yadryshnikova is a pattern maker and fashion designer.

Based in Madrid, Yulia works as a pattern maker in collaboration with fashion designers developing their collections, and as a designer / pattern maker / sample maker for her own capsule collections. She also collaborates with various artists to create costumes for art performances.


The capsule collection can be divided into two parts that tell two different stories. The first part includes three dresses inspired by childhood memories. Turning the pages of a loose-leaf calendar to turn over the “yesterday” and welcome a new day was a game that Yulia played every morning, adding her creative touch to each leaf which she folded in different ways depending on her mood, transforming each day into a unique shape.


This works as a methaphor for every human life: each day is unique but together they make up a lifetime. Yulia’s pieces are imagined as a single form with some parts acting separately, like the calendar leaves. To emphasise the connection between the fashion and furniture worlds, she also created a special dress, conceived not only to be worn but also to become a cover for the Stanley sofa.

The second part of the collection consists of two coats which are actually replicas from an earlier capsule collection, re- interpreted using the same upholstery fabric as the Stanley sofa, giving them a more “structural” look.
The entire set of garments can serve as a kind of illustration of Yadryshnikova’s creative process: first the silhouettes come along with the initial vision while all the specific lines and details appear at later stages during the process of experimentation with pattern making and working with fabric.




Photo courtesy of Laura Jiménez | laura-jimenez.com

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