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Korlekie is a new women’s fashion brand offering exquisite, elegant, opulent and unique clothing and accessories. The garments all feature the skillful and delicate craftsmanship developed by the brand’s Owner and Creative Director; Beatrice Korlekie Newman.

The Korlekie brand is steeped in an Afro-British context, blending inspiration from Ghana, where Beatrice’s family is originally from, and know-how from the traditional manufacturing techniques of the UK industry.

The Korlekie signature look consists of hand knitted pieces with heavy embellishment, beading and intricate detailing all inspired by the designer’s Afro-British culture.

In 2013 Beatrice won the prestigious Fashions Finest Emerging Designer of the Year Award, rewarding her creativity, flair and passion for fashion



For her latest showcase, Korlekie delves into the monochromatic world of Chiaroscuro for her Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. Light and dark take up the tale, with each iridescent thread shifting between the two, creating a shimmering mass that is alive on the skin. Plunging back lines and suggestively layered fabric hint at the feminine forms beneath the clothes’ surface.


Playing with concealment and revelation, these garments embody innocence transformed into a haunting dark beauty, traversing the anima of lust and innocence (innocence and experience – another literary reference perhaps), light and darkness.


Hand crafted garments envelope the body, conforming to and enhancing every curve, angle and form.


Made by a woman, these are made for women bodies, in all their configurations.

Featuring a range of autumnal hues from glossy blacks to burnt reds, with sumptuous pale gold enlivening the chiaroscuro contrast.



For more info visit https://korlekie.com


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