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How many hues of blue do you know? Probably 10 while in reality there are more than 60 as Wikipedia confirms. Blue is one of the three primary colors together with yellow and magenta (shade of red).


Alberta Ferretti: iris hue for the transparent top shinning pants including the shoes.

I have to admit that blue and all its shades is probably my favorite color because it gives me a sense of peacefulness and tranquility, and it is also the color of the sky and of the sea.


Cacharel: baby blue and azure for this long sleeveless gown.

From baby or sky blue to midnight blue : it can satisfy every taste and can be perfect in any occasion.

Awhile ago someone defined the blue colour as the new black : so from the little black dress to the little blue dress – why not ?

This colous can be easily matched with red (navy style), white (stripes or polka dot), grey, green, beige, yellow, even if with black only if the shade of blue is light.


Antonio Berardi: white and turquoise sequins to embellish this dress. 

One of my favorite shade of blue is peacock : I think it is very elegant, sophisticated and also in this case it can be matched with many other colours.

Very often my outfit is composed of various shades of blue while the accessories are completely another colour and the result is superb. You should try it.


Guy Laroche: sophisticated midnight blue for this outfit matched with white and blue shoes 

the only case in which I dont’ like much the blue colour used for makeup .

If I have to choose something and one of these items is blue, be sure that my choice goes for the blue one : it is like an obsession.


Les Copains: different shades of blue and mixed metallic prints


Elie Saab: deep cobalt blue for the shirt, blazer, the shorts and the accessories.


Giorgio Armani: layering and various hues of blue for this exotic outfit.


Clips: shiny turquoise more green than blue  for the pants, animalier print for the blouse and baby blue tank top but dark blue heels.


Alice+Olivia:  white and blue.


N21: casual top on a sexy skirt mixing white and blue and black.


.Normaluisa: striped short blazer on a printed balloon dress.


Philip Lim:  patchwork of white, blue and black.


Saint Laurent: peacock gown and bluette coat for a great colour block.


Chloe: Jeans, light grey, blue grey for this casual chic outfit.



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