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Embrace the Dolce Vita lifestyle with shoe label La Paire’s latest collection of stunning sandals entitled ‘Roman Holiday’. La Paire specialises in handmade leather sandals and launched its debut collection ‘Summer Breeze’ earlier this year. The ethos behind the label is simple; elegant sandals made from the finest leathers in a selection of vibrant shades and eye-catching styles.

‘Roman Holiday’ takes inspiration from the captivating Eternal city of Rome. Ancient Roman armour, the city’s stunning intricate architecture and the ultra glamorous 1950’s were all clear influences when it came to designing the four new styles; Florus, Sofia, Audrey and Lucius.

Highlights of the collection include Florus, a classic style with a twist. The stunning soft black suede and snakeskin pairing will take you from daytime to evening with minimal effort. Sofia is a softer more feminine take on the established gladiator sandal. The style comes in two varying colour combinations a bright blue and emerald and a sophisticated black and gold version. Audrey, as indicated by its namesake is all about subtle elegance. The open style of the ankle strap is flattering for all foot shapes and the metallic detailing adds a hint of glamour to the classic design. Lucius comes in two stunning metallic hues, the strong colour contrasts of the silver and vibrant orange are for women who dare to be noticed.

Prices from £84.00 – £89.00

The collection launches in March 2013, and will be available to buy online at and

La-Paire-SofiaAbout the brand:

La Paire was born as a result of founder Amy La’s own quest for comfortable yet stylish leather sandals. Driven by her frustration and inability to find quality, affordable and colourful styles, Amy decided to create her own shoe label. Amy is an Australian born London-based designer and entrepreneur. The label benefits from the founder’s knowledge of consumer trends and buying experience honed in luxury department stores Selfridges and David Jones, Australia. This knowledge has allowed her to create timeless styles that women want to wear. The combination of the vibrant colour palette and soft feminine shapes take inspiration from Amy’s memories of summer holidays. The label not only reflects Amy’s passion for beautiful and bold shoes but also for quality and superior craftsmanship.


Exclusive interview with Amy La 

The name of your brand sounds more French than English. What is the origin of this name?

I wanted my shoe label to be called something catchy and memorable, so I started thinking of words to describe shoes. “A pair” came to mind but thought that sounded too plain in English so I started translating the phrase into different languages and it didn’t take me long to work out that it sounded best in French – “La Paire”. It’s also a play on words as “La” is my surname.

I have noticed that all your shoes are flats, why? Are you going to design also heels?

There’s so much choice when it comes to high-heel shoes but not for flat sandals. That’s when I realised there was a gap in the market for colourful, well-made, quality, all leather sandals and decided to start my own shoe label. Yes we’re actually launching a wedges range in a few months so that’s really exciting for us!

Where do you take your inspiration from?

Lots of things inspire me…it could be anything from a colour or pattern to a book or place. Bright colours and memories from summer holidays inspired my first collection while the designs from the second collection drew heavily from the city of Rome – itsarchitecture, patterns and motifs.

When we buy a pair of shoes, what do we have to pay attention to?

The obvious one is to make sure they fit! When you’re trying on shoes, you should walk around in them to make sure they fit and feel comfortable, as ill-fitting shoes are bad for your feet and posture! I would then look at all the finer details like what materials the shoes are made from, if the shoe and sole are joined properly, the stitching, the lining, etc. You do get what you pay for!

 3 adjectives to describe your brand

Comfortable, colourful, fun.

Fashion city capital: Milan, London or Paris?

That’s a difficult one! I think both London and Paris but if I had to choose one, it would have to be Paris. Parisians are always looking so cool and effortlessly dressed, and even the older generation look immaculate. They just have this je ne sais quoi when it comes to fashion and looking chic.

La-Paire-AudreyFor more info visit


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