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Spring Summer 2013

Finding a new way to present its fashion, trying to be more flexible towards the market, the label Tim van Steenbergen will present a series of smaller collections throughout the whole year. The idea is to translate ideas faster into a real product. Preface is the first  collection following this concept. Orders taken from June until august will  have a delivery schedule during November. Orders taken in September – October will follow a delivery schedule during January.

Preface / 0

‘Walking through glass’, reflects the idea of a young dynamic look.

Transparency reveals and covers the female body.

Effects of sheer fabrics  and layering are the main themes in this collection.

Draped mousseline is translated through digital printing  into casual daywear looks.

Fabrics are pure, sober and clear. Silk, cool wools and cottons are the main materials.

Accessories and finishing’s are in leather to create a stronger graphic line.

Shapes are pure, accessible and wearable.

Between the graphic black and white prints; these “colors” are also the general color base, finished with color blocks in bright pink, bottle green and shades of soft grey.



Chapter 1 

‘Emphasis on daily couture’, study of how couture could be worn by a modern woman in our modern time.

Silhouettes are composed by delicately tailored pieces in contrast with more urban styles.

Classic couture dresses get a modern switch…daywear becomes eveningwear and evening wear turns into daywear…

Fabrics vary from old fashioned tulle prints mixed with nylon raincoats.

Variations on iconic prints such as leopard are actually composed by pieces of fish leather printed on antique damast fabric.

Masculine fabrics are giving the ultra-feminine pieces a casual look.

Colors are soft and accessible, varying from black and night blue to white; to kaki and beige, confronted with a vintage pink…

For more info visit www.timvansteenbergen.com


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